Dog Walking Essentials

Walks are a part of daily life for those of us who are lucky enough to live with dogs in our home.  If you’re a new PetParent, though, a bit of advice from those more experienced can help you avoid making some common mistakes, and save you a whole lot of hassle and potential embarrassment!

1. Don’t walk with empty pockets! 


  • Each walk you take with your dog is a training opportunity, so be sure you have at least a few treats with you. Look into a treat pouch to fully take advantage of all these mini-training sessions!
  • A poop pick-up bag (or two or three) are essential for every walk! If you don’t have a bag dispenser on your leash, then your pockets are the next best thing.

2. Consider the length of your walk. 


  • If you’re taking a considerable walk or a hike, you’ll have to pack water for your dog to stay hydrated along the way! We use & love this My Dog Is Good Water Bottle.
  • Depending on the conditions you’ll be walking in, your pet could need some sort of protective gear like booties or jacket. Here are five great winter accessories for pets.

3. Avoid hazards. 


  • Walks with our dogs can pose potentially dangerous situations from toxins applied to yards to danger from cars, stray dogs, and strangers. A diligent PetParent must constantly be on the lookout for any sort of potential hazards. You’ll learn to keep your pet off of most lawns for fear of treatment chemicals and to look for glass in the crosswalks as you cross the street.

4. Keep it varied!


  • To keep your frequent walks exciting for both you and your pup, be sure to take different routes, find new places and trails to explore together, and don’t hesitate to drive to a great dog park for a whole different kind of fun together too!

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