Dog Vacay

As a PetParent, we know you can relate to experiencing concerned feelings at the thought of leaving town without your beloved pet. For many PetParents, the hardest part of it all is finding pet care that you trust.

DogVacay can help you solve that problem! PetParents are able to search for pet hosts who are available in their area, during the time their pets will need care. You can browse the list of available hosts, reading all about the host, their pets, home, and more. It’s like an online interview before you ever reach out to the host about watching your pets. This alone can provide PetParents immense peace of mind.

Benefits of DogVacay:

  • Pet Sitters start at just $15/night
  • Avoid the kennel and give your pet an in-home stay!
  • One-on-one TLC
  • Free pet insurance for the duration of your pets stay in a Dog Vacay certified home
  • Dog Vacay pet sitters provide PetParents with updates while they’re away
  • An easy to use web and mobile interface keep things simple and easy

Over 1,000,000 successful nights have been booked through DogVacay by PetParents across the country since their start just 2 years ago! The DogVacay team is extremely selective about the ‘host’ families that are approved to accept in-home stays through their system. Over 100,000 applications are received each year, with just 20,000 of them being accepted. The hosts must watch videos, take quizzes, and do a phone interview as well as ongoing training to maintain their status in the program.

Have you ever booked care for your pets through DogVacay before? We’d love to hear feedback!

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