Dog Rocks

Are you PetParent who also takes pride in the condition of your yard?  Pets can be hard on our lawns, leaving urine stains and brown patches. It used to be that no matter what we tried, it just didn’t seem to help. But never fear, because now there’s an easy to use product that can help you avoid urine burns on your lawn in a way that’s safe for your pets! They’re called Dog Rocks.









The key to using Dog Rocks is to be consistent. After two months the rocks loose their efficacy and are pointless to keep in the water bowl. Dog Rocks need to be replaced every 2 months (use the included reminder sticker on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone/email) to ensure they’re always working to full capacity and saving that sweet lawn of yours.









Dog Rocks work by absorbing excess nitrogen from drinking water into the rock itself, acting like a sponge & reaching a saturation point at around the 2 month mark.  An high concentration of nitrates can cause grass to turn yellow or brown. This sponge-like feature is why it’s important to change them out regularly.

Dog rocks are an all-natural product, mined in Australia. After they arrive, the steps to prepare them for use couldn’t be easier!







Dog Rocks have been available in the Australian, UK and European markets for well over 8 years and have only recently become available in the US. I’ll admit it took a few glances to get used to seeing a bunch of rocks in the dogs water bowl, but Bear & Scooter weren’t phased at all. For purchasers in the USA, Dog Rocks products are sold through Amazon.

Are yellow lawn patches are a problem in your life? Is this product something you’d ever try at home? 


Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBar

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