Dog Mom Sleep Shirt

 Are you a proud dog mom?  If so, we’d suggest that you consider adding this awesome ‘dog mom’ sleep shirt to your wardrobe this summer!


This sleep shirt is extra long, which means it’s extra comfy. It’s made of super-soft ring-spun cotton treated with an “enzyme wash”, which allows them to achieve the super softness that you’ll just love. This shirt feels like a luxury! It’s so comfy we’re willing to bet you’ll have a hard time changing out of it and into your work clothes each morning. 

Here’s a close-up on the text portion of the shirt:


And a sizing guide too for good measure:


It’s great to be a dog mom- don’t you agree!?  

Are you a PetParent who’d wear this dog mom sleep shirt loud and proud? Do you know a dog mom who needs this shirt as part of her wardrobe? 

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