D.A.P for Dogs

Have you ever heard another pet parent mutter the initials D.A.P? Have you wondered what it stands for or what the heck it has to do with your dog? D.A.P stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone, and it’s available in three different application methods: spritz, collar, and a diffuser. D.A.P. is odorless to us mere humans, but to our dogs, it’s a whole other story! D.A.P. smells like the pheromones of a nursing mother dog, and has an instantly calming and soothing effect for your pup. D.A.P.  is an effective tool for managing many kinds of anxiety and stress in our dogs.










The D.A.P diffuser works similarly to a glade plug-in and refills last 1-2 months. The easiest method since it’s simply plug in and forget- this method is great for apartment dwellers, or if your pet is often contained to a single/few rooms. For those with an entire house, several diffusers may be needed to achieve the maximum effects.

The D.A.P spritz lasts the longest out of the three methods, and works well for pets who are stressed by certain events and don’t have generalized anxiety or separation anxiety. For instance, travel, thunder storms, etc. It works well sprayed on a bandanna around your dogs neck, as well as their bed or blanket. Finally there is the D.A.P. collar, reminiscent of a flea collar (but with no detectable odor at all!) this plastic-y collar emits the D.A.P pheromone continuously for about a month.

It is great for anxiety issues where it’s constant presence is most helpful. It’s important if you decide on a D.A.P collar that you change it regularly, because this method has no way of letting you know when it’s efficacy has worn out. For Pet Parents with an anxious feline in the home, don’t despair! There is a kitty version of this product called ‘Feliway’ that comes in either a diffuser or spritz form and works wonders to keep your kitty calm.

Do you have any pets that suffer from anxiety? What methods have you tried to help them feel happier and more calm?  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBar

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