Critters Inflatable Life Jacket

As PetParents, our dogs are often our best friends and our side kicks. We want to include them in all of our activities, especially the outdoor ones. Swimming is a great way to cool down once the summer heat hits, Regardless of which ways you enjoy the water with your pup, it’s important to be safe while doing so. Life jackets for humans are a given, but life jackets for pets are relatively new to the market.

A specially made life jacket for your dog can literally be a lifesaver. There are many options on the market, but one that really stands out is Critters Inflatable. It comes in three sizes that can be adjusted to fit nearly any breed of dog (and the small size is great for boat-loving cats!).


This jacket is ideal for those who frequently go boating with their dogs (and cats). It can be accessorized with small Co2 tanks which would inflate upon impact should a pet ever fall or jump from the boat. The jacket does not have to be used with the Co2 tanks, and can be great for just tooling around in the water or going for a quick swim.

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Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBark


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