Custom Pet Collars by Laika

As a loving PetParent, we know you go far and above the ‘basic’ requirements for your pets! Some might even venture to say that your pets live the life of luxury. Our pets give us the greatest love and companionship that we could ever ask for, so what’s a little pampering in return right? We’ve discovered the latest way to spoil our pups, these are certainly the next hot item in pet accessories- custom dog collars!

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Pets By Laika offers a wide selection of ready-to-purchase collars as well as a free online tool that allows you to customize a collar that is a true representation of your pets individuality. These collars are created from a high quality nylon webbing paired with thick fabric that is stitched on for strength. The collars are lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear, but durable enough to restrain excitable dogs on walks. See the full catalog of designed dog collars here.

The Laika pet collars are custom made, by hand, especially for your dog. It’s a rarity these days to find a company that takes such pride and care in their products. Pets By Laika knows that every dog is an individual and they can help you create a collar to make your dogs personal style.

Pets By Laika has two collar options: choose one of their designs, or create your own. I’m a Pet Parent to two dogs, so I chose a custom design for Bears collar, and a pre-made design for Scooters to try out each method. Their collar sizing guide is easy to use and collars are shipped for free.


Creating the custom collar for Bear could not have been easier, or more fun! Literally, your imagination is your only limit on this! Start by selecting the color of nylon webbing you want for your pup’s personalized color, and then choose from a wide array of fabric overlays that will be sewn on top. If you thought THAT was fun, just wait until you get to add your own text, photos, and clip art. They have a fantastic selection of images in the design tool for you to use, but you can really get creative and upload your own! I saw many neat collars with pictures of the pets family on them, their furry siblings, and more. The sky is the limit!


If you can’t tell from the photo above, Mister Bear feels great is his custom collar, and he knows he’s looking good! In his whole 12 years he’s never had a collar made with the wide webbing like this, but we assure you, after just one day of use with his new collar we wished we’d tried them earlier!

Advantages of a collar with wider webbing:

  • a much more comfortable fit on your dogs’ neck
  • easier to walk them with- the wider webbing spreads out the force if they pull
  • the collar is more durable and wears better
  • the larger sized D-ring is much easier to clip the leash to with one hand
  • provides more of a good hand hold if you need to restrain your dog with his collar

For Scooter’s collar, I knew that I wanted something that would let everyone know that he’s a boy. Scooter is so cute, and often mistaken for a girl. Last week, his vet gave him a pink wrap after drawing blood- and he’s still offended. So we started with the light blue webbing, and chose a ‘tough guy’ pattern for him. I loved their ‘skulls and bones’ pattern, and we asked to have that fabric sewn to Scooters collar.


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