Do you remember Bop-it? Or those amazing hand held games that we used to play as kids PetParents? Well now your dog can enjoy something similar with CleverPet!


This soft silicon made toy is the new Bop-it for dogs. Just fill it up with your dog’s favorite dry food or treats, and pick which game you want you dog to play. Clever pet will then initiate, rewarding your dog with the food each time they ‘win.’ The toy can also record your voice and has different light and sound sensors that is uses to build on your dog’s sense. CleverPet will also send you an update on how your dog’s learning is coming with the toy through it’s website and real time app.



CleverPet is created by a professional dog trainer who understands that sometimes our overly active dogs, need a distraction at home while we are away.Have you ever come home to find your trash completely spread across your floor? Or were your new favorite pair of shoes chewed into a million different pieces? Your very smart and active dog, out of boredom, took their frustration out on your things (and trash). CleverPet can not only give your pet some much needed munchies, but it will keep that very active mind busy while you are away.



CleverPet is currently seeking funding. If you think this product rocks and want to see it through to production, check out their Kickstarter page!

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