12 Days of Christmas- Pet Gift Guide 2013

Today we are revealing our last Christmas Giving Pick! Let us assure you that these items have been selected through the contribution of opinion from all members of the PetParent team. No outside influences have tarnished what we think will be a good gift for your dog. Also remember that any of these PetParent Picks would be GREAT donation items for your local shelters! Those pups would love some gifts as well during this holiday season! So stay tuned to see everyday what we reveal, we promise you and your pup will not be disappointed!


12. On the Twelfth day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: BarkBox!

At PetParent we love Barkbox, and so do our pets! For as little as $19 a month, you can sign up for Barkbox. Every month they will send you a box in the mail with 4-6 handpicked items for your pup. These high quality items include treats, toys, gadgets, hygiene, and more! Barkbox also donates 10% of their proceeds to dogs in need, which makes them a great company to buy from! So give a gift that can give all year, and give a Barkbox!


11. On the Eleventh day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me:  A Humane Society Tee!

The Humane Society not only has cute Tees but they also are featuring lots of other great products that help fund this great organization.  So give a gift to yourself or your PetParent friends that can help a dog or cat in need this year, and check out the Humane Society Online Store.


10. On the Tenth day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: The FURminator!

FURminator will be a great tool to have after the winter season is over. This tool was carefully developed by a professional groomer looking for the ultimate deshedding tool. FURminator works to carefully remove your dogs loose undercoat without hurting their delicate skin. Any PetParent will love this gift, which can help us all avoid the woes of shedding.


9. On the Ninth day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: One Hope Wine Pinot For Paws!

Ok so we know this is a gift more for mom or dad and not for your pup. But this is not only a great product, this is a great cause. First One Hope Wine is a company that is a social enterprise. A good chunk of their profits go to help social change by supporting causes like ending childhood hunger, fighting cancer, educating women, supporting our troops and veterans, supporting animal adoptions, and many more. One Hope Wine has a great line called Pinot for Paws, and half of the profits from this wine goes to the ASPCA. This is not only  great gift for yourself, but to send to your other PetParent friends as well. So give a gift that will give back to the over 5 to 7 million homeless pets out there, and give Pinot for Paws.


8. On the Eighth day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: One Dog Umbrella from dogbreedstore.com!

The Dogbreedstore.com is the ultimate place to shop for any pet owner. One of our favorite items (featured above) is this awesome breed specific umbrella.  Useful all year round, this umbrella will make taking your pup out in the rain a little less tragic (who likes getting soaked in the rain?). Check out some of their other items as well! They have lots of great gifts for you, your pup, and your PetParent friends!



7. On the Seventh  Day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: A Whistle Activity Monitor!

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s health and well being than you need to invest in a Whistle Activity Monitor. Whistle monitors your dog’s activity down to every step. From jumping, running, sleeping, or enjoying a belly rub Whistle can give you real insights into your dog’s activities that can help you improve your dogs health. According to Whistle.com, “The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day behavior and long-term health trends. Check-in from your phone, share memorable moments with family and friends, and make informed decisions with your vet.” We know that you will be more than satisfied with a Whistle activity monitor, as will you pet. According to other consumers like Kate Castle (PetParent of Ripley), “The Whistle has been an amazing addition to our family.” So give your pup a gift that will help to keep them healthy for many years to come, and give them a Whistle. Learn all about the Whistle Pet Monitor!

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6. On the Sixth Day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: Nulo!

Dogs are like people in that every dog’s body is different, therefore a one-size-fits-all dog food is not going to work for them. Nulo is a great gluten free, probiotic, gmo free dog food that uses only the best ingredients. Ingredients that your dog will be begging for like free range chicken, lamb, and wild salmon along with organic veggies. The probiotics that power Nulo in each one of their tailored recipes will help your dog live the active and healthy life that they were meant for. Nulo understands that every dog is different, just like our bodies are different from one another. This dog food is tailored to fit your dogs needs, and would be a perfect gift for them this holiday season.


5. On Fifth Day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: PrideBites!

If you’re looking for a new interactive play toy for your dog, we’ve got the right one for you! PrideBites are your dog’s new favorite toys even if they don’t know it yet. Named Pet Business’ “Best New Dog Toy,” their incredibly versatile toys are sure to please your four legged friends. They float, squeak, have 55 lbs of pull pressure, and are even machine washable. Take PrideBites with you wherever you go, and you look forward to an ear to ear smile on your dog furry face. If that wasn’t enough, the PrideBites team donates a portion of all their proceeds towards bettering the lives of dogs in need. So get some PrideBites and give the gift that keeps on giving. P.S. PrideBites also makes toys that you can customize for your dog! Check out our in-depth review of the PrideBites toys here.


4. On the fourth day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: One SWEET Dog Bed from In The Company of Dogs.

These comfortable dog beds are made for those burrowers, leaners, curlers, and sprawlers that we all love. Your pet will love their new getaway in their super soft dog bed. So give a gift that your pup will love after they are tuckered out from playing with all their other new toys!


3. On the Third day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: One Chilly Sweater!

Everyone loves getting spiffy new clothes for Christmas and your dog will too. Chilly Dog Sweaters are not only super cute, but they will also keep your four legged friend warm during the winter season. Chilly Dog Sweaters also abide by fair trade guidelines and worked to employ knitters in healthy workplaces so they support a better lifestyle in their village with fair wages. So give a stylish gift that also gives back to your pup this year, and give them a Chilly Sweater!


2. On the Second day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me:  KONG!

Our Pets at PetParent love the KONG. KONG is a great gift for a very active or young dog who may need something to do (other than chew your shoes) while you’re away. KONG’s pure rubber makes it a safe toy for your pup, and finding the delicious treats inside can be a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind. KONG was developed by CEO and founder Joe Markham whose police dog Fritz was chewing on dangerous car parts (as Joe liked to work on cars), because his mind was bored. However one day Fritz decided to get a hold of a rubber suspension part, which was apparently touch enough for Fritz’s teeth. BAM! KONG was born. This carefully engineered rubber is designed to not only withhold the most active chewers, but for every size of chewers as well. With many different sizes for the many different sizes of dogs, KONG is a gift that any dog will love. So give a gift that will keep you and your dog happy (and you since he’s avoiding your shoes now) and give him a KONG! Check out our kong-friendly dog recipes here!


1. On the First Day of Christmas my PetParent gave to me: One Bag of Blue Buffalo Treats!

Blue Buffalo all natural dog food and treats are one of our favorite products. Not only are these treats delicious, but they are made with ingredients that are good for your dog’s health. Blue Buffalo uses de-boned chicken, lamb, and fish along with whole grains that are nutritious for your dog. Blue Buffalo does not chicken or other meat by-product and they do not use wheat, soy, corn which can be linked to allergies. They also do not use artificial flavors, colors, or food made with GMO’s which makes this a top choice for your pet. Blue Buffalo also has the Blue Buffalo Foundation For Cancer Research which raises funds for research and educates PetParents on canine and feline cancer. So give the gift of Blue Buffalo this holiday season, your pet will love it without a doubt.



We hope you and your pup love some of the items on this list! Happy Holidays PetParents!


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