Do you ever feel like your personal to-do list is getting just a little out of control? Does your pet occasionally need a mid-day visitor if your work day gets a bit busier than expected? Or a place to stay overnight if you’re needing to head out of town? It happens to all of us! And now, we’ve found a solution to help out with this problem.

CareBooker allows you to find and book care providers in your local area. You can find pet sitters, tutors, baby sitters, and more, all from the convenience of your own living room!

As a PetParent, we know you probably struggle with times when your pets simply can’t accompany you on a trip, or must stay at home for long hours alone during the day. Friends and family are great to rely on, if they live close-by, but what happens if they’re busy or out of town? Having a back up plan can never hurt.


CareBooker also enables people who previously thought they could not live with a companion animal due to their hectic schedules to enjoy the benefits of a pet by allowing them to find a local person who can contribute to their pet’s care. In fact, CareBooker was created for this very reason! When the founder and CEO realized that she and all of her busy friends were pet-less because of their schedules, she knew there must be a way to solve the problem, and the company was born.

Finding a CareBooker Care Provider near you:

  1. Search- input your home zip code and type of care and get your search started!
  2. Review Profiles– take your time and screen potential care providers based on your personal needs and qualifications
  3. Safety check– review background checks, qualifications, ratings and reviews
  4. Set up an interview– meet service providers in-person or via skype prior to hiring them
  5. Book appointments- appointments are booked online, and in real-time. There is no phone tag! Fill in your appointment times, details and more
  6. Be reminded– both you and your service provider can receive messages from CareBooker via email or text

CareBooker is a great tool for me personally to use when seeking care for my pups. My husband and I  recently re-located across the country and away from all of our friends and family. We quickly discovered that finding reliable care for our dogs was suddenly so much harder than before! As a devoted PetParent, I won’t leave my dogs with ‘just anyone‘ and I know you guys feel the same!


Bear and Scooter deserve the absolute best care- and it’s important to my peace of mind that they’re somewhere that they and I both feel comfortable with. CareBooker allows me as a pet parent to ‘screen’ potential caregivers before ever reaching out to them or providing them with my information. I choose who and when to contact, and CareBooker facilitates the entire process.

CareBooker allows you to join (and search) for FREE! So what’s holding you back from getting started today?

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