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As PetParents, we know that it can be incredibly hard to keep our home and four legged children clean. But it is especially hard with our four legged children to use cleaners that are safe for them. Harsh chemicals in your home can be very harmful for your pup, and harsh shampoos can be even more harmful to their sensitive skin. So as fellow PetParents, we are here to tell you that Branch Basics is one of our new favorite cleaning products.


Branch Basics is an all purpose cleaner that uses non-toxic chemicals. What does ‘non-toxic’ mean? There are over 17,000 chemicals that are allowed in cleaning products and only 1/3 of them have been tested for safety. Branch Basics does not use any toxic chemicals in their solution. They use ‘food-grade’ ingredients that are safe for the environment, humans, and of course your pets. This incredibly affordable solution also lasts a very long time. Just a few tablespoons of Branch Basics in a solution of water, will work wonders for you. Not only has this stuff been known to lift some of the toughest grease stains, but it also can take of all your pet needs. Check our favorite three uses for Branch Basics below!

1. Pet Stains


Every seasoned pet owner knows that you are bound to have some sort of pet stain(s)  in your home. Your pup may have an accident while learning to be potty trained, or just could not ‘hold-it’ while you were away. We know that this can be very frustrating, and sometimes those stains (and smell) are almost impossible to remove. However, Branch Basics seems to be a pet stain cure. Just mix  a spray bottle of 1:3 (directions and measurements on the bottle) and spray over the stained area. We let our Branch Basics sit for a few minutes before wiping it up. It will not only completely lift the stain, but the smell is gone too! (No this is not magic, is it Branch Basics!)

2. Pet Odor


Pets stink, that is a known fact. As Pet Parents ourselves, we are always very careful to choose shampoo’s for our pups. Many products have harmful chemicals that can irritate or dry your dog’s sensitive skin out. Mix a solution, of again 1:3, in a bottle and wash your dog gently with it. We also recommend shampooing again, if your dog is extra smelly. Branch Basics left our pup smelling extra fresh, and it did not dry their skin out.

3. Fungus


Do you have a dog with large floppy ears? Sometimes when you have a cute little floppy-eared dog, they will pick up a smelly fungus in those cute ears. (EW!) Yes one of our dogs Pet Parents, has this smelly fungus that travels around with them.  So in order to get rid or the fungus without harming your dogs ears, you should use Branch Basics. Just mix a small solution in some water and squirt it in your dogs ears. Then take a towel and wipe the solution out. It literally breaks up all that gunk, cleans it out, and deodorizes the smell!   If you are interested in getting some of this miracle solution, check out the branch basics website here!

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