blanket ID Collar Tags

As PetParents, we want nothing more than to be sure our pets are kept safe at all times. Products and devices that help us keep better tabs on our pets are all the rage these days, and with good reason! People love peace of mind.

blanket ID tags are one such product that can really help a PetParent out. I think you’ll agree these tags are much more attractive than the traditional metal engraved tag, and they are so much smarter too! blanket ID tag stores your pets information online and makes this information accessible if your pet is ever reported missing.



There are so many different tag designs to choose from and blanket ID tags come in two sizes: large and small to accommodate for all breeds of dogs, as well as cats.  blanket ID tags are cute and a great way to accessorize your dogs collar, stylishly. Choose a design you love, or purchase a tag that directly supports a cause close to your heart.

Once you’ve ordered your pets blanket ID tag, there are just a few steps to get you fully set up.

1. Activate the tag

Each tag comes with it’s own unique blanket ID #. Use the pin # on the card in the package to activate the tag online.

2. Set up your profile

Enter all your contact details, as well as specifics about your pet online. You can always edit/update this at any time- if you move etc.

At this point, consider your peace of mind achieved.

3. If your pet is lost or stolen

Report your missing pet and an email will be sent to local shelters, animal hospitals and rescues.

4. If your pet is found

All of your information is available online 24/7 to whomever finds your pet. blanket ID also allows you to print “lost pet” posters directly from your Blanket ID online account.

blanket ID tags are durable, and have a bit of weight to them, making them ideal collar accessories for pets with long hair-staying visible through all the fur! The company has an incredible track record too. Over 96% of the pets who are  wearing their blanket ID tags when they are lost get returned the very same day. Over 80% of those are returned to their PetParents within two hours.

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