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Does your dog suffer from anxiety or fears over anything in particular?

My senior dog Bear suffers from a few different types of anxiety, some of which he was probably genetically predisposed to, and others which stem from his neglectful puppy hood (before he came to the shelter where I eventually adopted him). It bothers me to see my old boy get distressed unnecessarily. No PetParent wishes to see our pets feeling scared, worried or anxious. Unfortunately, it’s something that many pet owners will go through in one way or another. Some breeds, like German Shepherds are prone to obsessive or anxious behaviors, while other dogs are anxious due to circumstances they have lived in or are currently living in. Some are just scared of certain triggers: car rides, being groomed, or trips to the vet for instance.


Just like people, our pups are all individuals, and what causes anxiety in one, might not make another dog even bat an eye. That’s why it’s important as a PetParent to have resources that can help calm your pets, regardless of the source of their anxiety. Only once calm, can you begin to establish positive reinforcements with whatever is triggering the anxiety in your dog and work towards a solution that causes less stress for your family.

 The Anxiety Wrap works by triggering acupressure points in your dog to instill calmness. It’s a drug-free method of helping your pup achieve a feeling of inner peace. Think of it as the ‘swaddled baby’ concept- only for your dog! Anxiety Wrap can provide instant comfort to dogs who are anxious about:

  • storms
  • car travel
  • loud noises
  • fear of strangers or other dogs
  • general anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • hyperactivity
  • helps with constant barking & jumping up
  • grooming anxiety
  • destructive chewing/digging


Our boys are seasoned travelers, and have camped with us, and stayed overnight in many hotels and the like. They’re used to change, but it takes them awhile to understand that *this* is our home for the night. Again, some anxiety is noticed as we try to settle them into our hotel room. Bringing ‘their things’ beds, toys, etc. certainly help, but I have noticed that this little anxiety has gotten a touch worse with Bear as he ages. Boy loves a little consistency in his life. Donning the anxiety wrap during these moments has helped him feel much more peaceful about things.

The Anxiety wrap is a stretchy type material and comes in many different sizes. Bear is quite the barrel chested boy, and he wears his Large (size 9) anxiety wrap on all the ‘lowest’ settings to allow the most comfort. It’s breathable and comfortable enough that he could wear it 24/7 if we wanted or needed him too. He’s able to find full relief outdoors while wearing his wrap and can go swimming and hiking it in without issue. In the warm weather, you can wet the Anxiety Wrap and help keep your pup nice and cool! Anxiety wrap is the only pet wrap of it’s kind that activates accupressure points to calm your canine & is American Pet Association (APA) approved.



The anxiety wrap also comes with calming leg straps which are easy to figure out and use once you’ve flipped through the instructional booklet once. We don’t typically use the leg straps, and I’ve removed them from the Anxiety Wrap and stowed them away in the ‘dog stuff bin’ for future needs. The wrap itself works so many calming wonders on our boy we haven’t had to up our game yet, but it’s nice to know the straps are an option- and something we’ll keep in mind as he continues to age.

Does your dog suffer from any anxiety? Do you think the Anxiety Wrap could be a solution in your home too? 


Credits: Original review from SheSpeaksBar

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