Dog Breed Watches

There’s not much that a PetParent of an adorable purebred dog loves more than a little swag representing their favorite breed! A dog breed watch is a unique and memorable way to carry your dog with you always! With so many breeds to choose from, there’s a good chance your favorite is already in-stock. The great news is though, that Dog Breed Watch also offers custom watches, so PetParents can simply upload a photo of their own dog and have it placed on the watch face of one of their three styles of mens or women’s watches. Impeccably adorable right?

Dog Breed Watch has specialized in the manufacturing of quality watches for over 12 years. Each of their watches passes an extensive quality inspection. The Dog Breed Watch customized ordering system gives PetParents a choice of designing their own timepiece or to choose one of the over 80 breed watches in stock- a unique advantage! Choose from either a stainless steel or black leather band for both mens and women’s watches to ensure a style and fit that’s comfortable for you.


Are you a pom mom, proud of your fluffy little one? Maybe you’re a dane dad or a lab lover? No matter which breed has captured your heart, between dog breed watches supply of stock and custom watches- there’s a perfect match out there for you. If you’re looking for a gift for a Pet Parent you know, these watches make lovely birthday and Christmas gifts too!

These dog lovers watches are:

  • available in both mens and women’s sizes
  • come in three different band styles
  • are available in over 80 different breeds
  • engraving is offered on all three styles
  • are customizable- upload a photo of your own beloved pet!
  • quick turnaround- shipped 2-4 days after order placement
  • Made in the USA
  • Are water resistant
  • Have a 2 yr battery & limited lifetime warranty

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