Top Groomers in Washington DC

Are you a DC PetParent looking for a place to turn your shaggy dog into a pristine pooch? Check out PetParent’s list of the top groomers in Washington DC!

1. Wagtime

For a truly pawsitively pampered experience, take your dog to Wagtime’s Paw Spa!  Here each groomer has their unique style paired with years of experience in the grooming industry.  They are able to offer not only breed specific cuts, but also puppy-cuts and shave-downs.  All their grooming products they use are sulfate free and help your dog’s coat and skin look and feel healthy!  Walk-ins here are definitely welcome, but reservations are recommended for those with busy schedules.

2. Paws of Enchantment

For a holistic approach in grooming, try out Paws of Enchantment!  This low stress and high love facility will treat your pets to the finest of doggy spa treatments. They use only the finest of natural grooming products here.  In addition to regular grooming services, Paws of Enchantment offers aromatherapy spa treatments, mud baths, crystal healing sessions, and much much more.  Located in Mount Rainier, Maryland, right on the border of Washington DC, you and your pet are just a short drive away from a truly enchanting experience.

3. Bark In Style

For mobile pet grooming, try Bark in Style Mobile Pet Grooming Services! Serving lower Montgomery county and upper NW DC, Bark in Style comes to you and your pet wherever you are.  Unlike other grooming options, your dog will never be in a cage, spend time with scary or barking dogs, or spend hours waiting for you to pick them up.  Your pet will receive one on one care with a qualified groomer for around 90 minutes, and then Bark in Style will drop your pet off for you!  They also have experience with puppies, older dogs, and disabled dogs, but be sure to mention this when you make a reservation.

4. Doggie Washerette

For all you DIYers out there, there’s Doggie Washerette!  This facility features top of the line technology, providing you with all the high tech benefits of the Tru Blu K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash.  You don’t need to make an appointment at Doggie Washerette, and for just $20 they’ll provide you with everything you need from aprons to doggy toothpaste.  An attendant will always be on duty just in case you have any questions or need help with anything.  In addition to their DIY services, they also offer grooming services by appointment.  For more information check out their website!

5. Bonnie’s Dog and Cat Grooming

With over 30 years of experience, Bonnie’s Dog and Cat Grooming is the perfect place to bring your pet for some quality grooming.  They offer a variety of packages from dog baths to premium grooming options.  In addition to regular grooming services, they also offer flea treatments, nail clipping, spa facials and more.  For busy PetParents, they can pick your pet up for you (limited to area designated on the website.)  Bring your pet to Bonnie’s for quality service, or use their self serve dog wash option for just $18!

6. Planet Pet

Treat your pet to a day of pampering at Planet Pet!  Staffed by highly trained experienced groomers, your dog is sure to be treated by the best of the best.  They use only all natural grooming products and hypoallergenic or medicated products will be used upon request.  After getting groomed, your dog can spend the rest of the day playing with other dogs at their excellent cage free doggy daycare facility!  For an extra charge, they can also pick up and drop off your pet anywhere in the DC Metro area.  They are open 7 days a week and take appointments by reservation and walk-ins are assisted whenever possible.

7. Belly Rubs Pet Care

Just outside Washington DC in Ashburn, VA is Belly Rubs Pet Care!  At Belly Rubs, they know that you and your dog do not want to wait hours to be served and taken care of, so all their appointments will take only 1-2 hours to complete.  They offer a variety of services by appointment including haircuts with a coat consultation, baths and brushouts, shedding treatments, first time puppy cut appointments and much more.  Walk-in services include a self-service dog wash, nail clipping, face trimming, toothbrushing, and more.  In addition to grooming services, they offer a variety of other dog walking and pet boarding services.

8. Doggy Style Pet Spa

Treat your dog to a day at the spa at Doggy Style Pet Spa!  With over 15 years of experience in the grooming industry, the Doggy Pet Stylist’s at Doggy Style are sure to give your pet the quality service they deserve!  Using only the finest in all natural grooming products, your dog’s coat and skin will look and feel healthy and shiny after a visit here.  With every grooming service, your dog will be given a free oatmeal or aloe bath unless requested otherwise.  Your dog will be supervised constantly while in Doggy Style’s care so you can rest assured that they’re being well taken care of.  While they do use cages, they do not use cage dryers which are known to cause heat stroke in dogs.  If you’re curious about their services or facility, ask for a tour and you’ll find out why your dog will love being groomed by the highly trained staff at Doggy Style Pet Spa!

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