Things You Didn’t Know About A Dog Bakery

Dog bakeries are a pups paradise. With tons of cookies, treats, cakes, and other munchies for them, your dog probably thinks they are in dog heaven. Our friends at Woof Gang Bakery in Austin shared with us some of the untold truths that occur behind closed doors in the bakery.

1. Their Icing is Yogurt Based 

Woof Gang uses a yogurt based icing which is incredibly healthy for your pup! Not only will your dog love the sour taste, but the yogurt is good for your dog’s digestive system!

2. They Love Puns 

Have you ever wondered where Woof Gang came up with their clever names? They love using dog puns like ‘Soda Pup’ or ‘Pupcorn!’

3. Treats Without The Guilt 

Woof Gang only uses the best ingredients in their treats. They also use rice flour, which is great for those pups on gluten free diets. They also claim their treats can be eaten by humans too! We dare you to try some!

4. No Preservative 

Woof Gang does not use any preservatives in their treats! This means that not only will your dog get wholesome ingredients, but they won’t be eating any harmful chemicals as well. For cakes and treats that have ingredients that are perishable (like apples and bananas), they make them the day-of to ensure a fresh quality. Ingredients that will last a little longer and kept in a sealed container for a max of two weeks.

5. They Give Back 

Woof Gang donates any treats that are close to their expiration date or broken to local animal shelters!


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