Pet Events in San Antonio

If you’re a PetParent living in San Antonio, you might be looking for ways to get out and enjoy your city with your pets! At PetParent, we’ve rounded up some of the best re-occurring events in San Antonio that aren’t only pet-friendly, they’re pet-centric! Do you know of a few great weekly/monthly pet events in San Antonio that we haven’t listed here? Leave us a note in the comments so we can get it added!

1. The San Antonio Urban Pet Market

PetParents in San Antonio should all have the SA Urban Pet Market on their radar! This is a FREE family & dog friendly event that PetParents can look forward to on a monthly basis in the historic downtown Travis Park from 10am-2pm. Specific dates can be found on the SA Urban Pet Market website. The Urban Pet Market provides a great shopping experience for PetParents: unique pet products, services, grooming, photography, pet treats, and more! The Urban Pet Market also gives PetParents  the opportunity to meet adoptable pets. This event is helping the city of San Antonio to make leaps and bounds towards becoming a no-kill city.

2. San Antonio Nature Hounds 

The San Antonio Nature Hounds group was created to help nature loving PetParents meet fellow dog owners who are nature lovers as well. The group is dedicated to outdoor activities that relate to dogs: walking, hiking, dog-friendly locations, but having a dog is not required- loving them is! This large group is highly organized and hosts events all throughout the year in various stunning locations taking advantage of both morning and evening events. Attend events that work best for your schedule! The Wednesday Night Walk is always hosted on the River Walk, although they start in various places each time. Aside from walking and hiking events, dog friendly camping and weekend adventures are occasionally scheduled for those seeking extra fun! This group was designed to work for all walking levels, all ages, and all breeds of dogs. Click here to find the next upcoming Nature Hounds event!

3. Talk About It SA- Spay/Neuter Events

The Talk About It SA organization was created to spread awareness about the need to spay and neuter our companion animals, as well as to help the plight of homeless pets in San Antonio. They have 4 different participating clinics that pet parents in eligible zip codes (click here to see if that’s you!) can to go to receive a free spay or neuter for their pets. Talk About It SA also hosts adoption events to partner with the local animal welfare organizations and get their adoptable pets exposure to potential forever homes. They create awareness and support towards a no-kill city someday and have helped make huge strides towards that end goal.

4.  The Bexar County Dog Squad

This program is only for kids, but it’s a great regular event for them to be involved in that promotes responsibility. The Bexar County Dog Care and Training Project works to get more of the 4-H kids involved with their dogs. They feature care, training, and showing in their weekly classes. They practice Monday evenings from 6:30-8 PM at the Paul Jolly Center Petco Pavilion. Their facebook page includes a lot of great photos that provide insight into all the various activities and events this great group is up to.

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