Pet Events in Portland

Having a pet can enrich our lives in so many ways! So it only makes sense that having different ways to get out and enjoy life outside the home with our pets is essentially the cherry on top! PetParents out socializing with other people, while our pets socialize with each other…it’s a great thing for all involved. Here are the best re-occurring people & pet oriented events in Portland, OR!

1. Hip Hound Yappy Hour

Hip Hound Yappy Hour is a seasonal event that is held once a month (every third Thursday) during the months of May-December. From 5-7 pm on select dates you can bring your pup and enjoy Yappy Hour at the Hip Hound in NW Portland. The Hip Hound is a fashionable dog boutique where dogs and their owners can shop and socialize all in one great place.

Yappy Hour includes:

  • 50% off select items
  • Wine/champagne tasting
  • Doggie & human treats
  • Paw Print Event
  • Pet Photography ($10 photos by Kolu Photos)

2. Sniff Dog Hotel’s Happy Hour

Sniff Dog Hotel is a doggie daycare, hotel, and spa. Their Sniff Dog Cafe is a pet-friendly hot spot where pet lovers and their dogs can congregate over a good cup of coffee and free wifi. Sniff Dog Hotel created their Sniff Dog Cafe also as a dog-friendly place that serves wine & beer. Humans and canines alike can bond over a brew, or a good smell in the dog park! All brews are local.

Their happy hour is from Monday through Saturday 5-7 pm. PetParents can come and relax while their dogs play in one of the indoor dog parks for free. They’ve even set aside Thursday as a day for just small dogs. (Dogs must be temperament tested by Sniff Dog Hotel staff prior to attending Happy Hour)

3. Summer Puppy Romp

This exclusive Sunday event is for puppies (6 months and younger) only. The Summer Puppy Romp, put on by Schroeder’s Den is a stress-free hour of fun and socialization for puppies where they can learn to play and grow confident. The intent is to socialize the puppies while they are young, to help them grow up into confident and well-adjusted dogs. The puppy play area is always sanitized and puppies must be current on their immunizations. $8/visit or $40/6 visits, no reservation required. The Puppy Romp is held on all non-holiday weekends from1-2pm.

4. Small Dog Meetup 

Officially called the ‘PeeWees, Toys, Minis and Small Dogs Meetup‘ this weekly event (held every Sunday) is a gathering of small dog owners at Normandale Park. PetParents gather at the back end of the park (closer to 54th street) There is now a specially designated (and fenced!) section of the park for small dogs to play. The dogs in this Small Dog Meetup Group should be 25lbs or less and puppies less than 4 months old should refrain from attending. Human participants are encouraged to make friends with each other while their dogs socialize.


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