Pet Events in Philadelphia

Calling all PetParents living in Philadelphia!  If you’re seeking to finding ways of spending the day with your pet out on the town, then perhaps its time to tune into our guide on some pet friendly places that the two of you can hit up together. We’ve scoured around and found some of the best pet events in Philly for the two of you to check out together! Invite a dog loving friend or another PetParent along with you and your pup and you’re guaranteed a super fun day! 

1. Doggy Happy Hour

The Doggy Happy Hour is a monthly event that happens on the last Tuesday evening each month from 5-8pm. The Doggy Happy Hour is hosted at the Valley Green Inn. PetParents and their friendly pups can come out and enjoy each others company, along with some great food and drinks. The enclosed patio is also heated! 50% of the proceeds from each Doggy Happy Hour are donated to PAWS animal rescue to help support them in their mission to save Philadelphia’s abandoned and homeless animals.

2. Join the Walking Tails Group

If you’re a dog lover who can use a bit of motivation to get out and exercise with your pup, then a walking group could be just the ideal solution for you! Get together with other local dog lovers to walk and explore local parks, trails, and more. It’s a great way to start off the new year with fitness in mind for both you and your pup. The group doesn’t require that you own a dog, but you must love them! The Walking Tails group gets together in the hopes of meeting new animal loving friends, & making exercise more fun for all!

3. Dog Training with Technology Group 

Your pup may be past the days of traditional obedience, or perhaps you’ve recently adopted a puppy!? Either way, training can and should always remain a part of your life, and joining a dog training group can help ensure that it stays fun instead of feeling like work! This group was create to connect anyone who is interested in training their dogs- they typically meet at outdoor parks for training sessions (different ones for each evening class) or at Canine Country for indoor training. Simply RSVP to the evening class you plan to attend, and you’re set! RSVP is strongly encouraged to ensure there are enough training supplies and info to go around. There are typically two or three weeknight classes, and weekend classes available as well- the online calendar is constantly updated.

4. The Monster Milers Events

The Monster Milers is an exceptional program that was created to ensure that shelter dogs have an outlet for all of their excess energy. The Monster Milers pairs runners with shelter dogs to enrich both lives. They host regular ‘Adopt a Running Buddy’ events at races and pet friendly events throughout the year in Philly. Other events include group runs, social events, fun runs, and more! If you’re a Philly resident who loves to get out and run, then you’ve simply got to get this group on your radar!



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