Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston

Pet friendly dining is becoming more and more popular all across the nation. Houston, let us present to you our favorite dog friendly restaurants in your city!

1. Barnaby’s

Price: $$ 

Barnaby’s is a great place to take your pup. Barnaby’s is inspired by the owners old sheepdog ‘Barnaby.’ You will not only be in a great dog friendly atmosphere, but your taste buds will be praising you. They have a great selection on their menu from fresh seafood to scrumptious home made lasagna (which we are craving right meow)!

2. Cottonwood 

Price: $$

Cottonwood is a great place to enjoy some gulf BBQ oysters on an incredible patio. Great for friends or just a cold one with your favorite four legged friend who will more than enjoy your company. With a great menu and an incredible selection of beers on tap, you and your pup will find a small paradise away from the city hustle and bustle.

3. Backstreet Cafe 

Price: $$

Houston, if you have not tried Backstreet Cafe than you have not lived. Backstreet Cafe’s dog friendly front patio is a great place to enjoy some authentic New Orleans style food. We recommend the Gulf Coast Beignets which are out of this world delicious! Your pup will no doubt be enticed by all the delicious smells as much as you! The bustling patio at Backstreet Cafe provides plenty of entertainment and distraction for your pups ultimate enrichment.

4. The Grove 

Price: $$

The Grove is one of the most eco-friendly restaurants in Houston. So if you are looking to be green when you eat out, The Grove is the place to go. We dare you to look through their menu without letting your mouth starting to water. It is impossible. Altogether The Grove is not only delicious, but it is a great place to eat out with your dog.

5. Tila’s 

Price: $$

Tila’s is a great place to dine out with your dog in Houston. Their dog friendly patio is the perfect spot to sip on one of their all natural margaritas and enjoy the good life! Lushly landscaped and semi-shady, a PetParent in Houston can’t ask for much more! Tila’s now has a food truck too that makes it’s way around town.

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