Holiday Hazards for Pets

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over it is time to bust out all your holiday decorations (If you haven’t already). Your home will smell like the decadent scent of cookies and pies as your make your favorite holiday treats. A massive Christmas tree with tinsel will be the pride of your living room and of course nothing will beat your ‘Christmas Vacation’ style lights. However there are certain things that can be hazardous if not deadly to your four legged friend. So before you Chevy Chase out, make sure you read this list and protect your pup from potential dangers.

1. Tinsel

Tinsel is a classic when it comes to decorating a tree, but did you know that it can be a danger and also deadly to your pet? According to, if your pet digests tinsel, it could become twisted around their intestines, which is fatal. So if you are going to use tinsel, make sure to put in on parts of the tree that your pets cannot reach. Also make sure to keep it off the floor where curious noses may find it.

2. Ornaments

Colorful ornaments are a must on every Christmas tree, but they also can be very hazardous to your pet. If your pet ingests pieces of broken aluminum or glass from a broken ornament, it can cause tears in their mouths and/or throat, intestine, or they could choke on the pieces. So hang your ornaments high enough that kitty kitty (who may love those shiny ornaments) will not be able to knock them off.

3. Lights

  We all remember that scene in ‘Christmas Vacation’ where the cat is electrocuted from the lights. Although this may be humorous to some (who doesn’t think that movie is hilarious?) electrocution by lights IS a real hazard for your pets. Make sure that your keep the cords hidden from your pet, so your pet does not end up like Aunt Bethany’s cat.

4. Fat Trimmings and Bones

You may be tempted to give your pet something extra to munch on from the turkey, however this is not advised. explains that fat, cooked or uncooked, can cause pancreatitis. Bones from turkey can be choked on, or they can splinter which causes lacerations in your pup’s digestive system. If you want to treat your dog, check out these recipes instead of the turkey!

5. Sugar Free Cookies

Sugar free cookies should NEVER be given to dogs. Real Simple Magazine explains that Xylitol, which is found in some sugar free baked goods, can cause your dogs blood pressure to drop to a dangerously low level. This can result in seizures and liver failure from xylitol poisoning.

6. Christmas Trees

Your Christmas tree is the pride of anyones decorations, but make sure you take measures to protect your pets from it. explains that ingesting pine needles can cause GI irritation. More importantly they explain that many Christmas trees have additives and preservatives (to keep them alive longer) which will seep into the tree water at your home. Many pups LOVE to drink the Christmas tree’s water, but take every precaution to keep them away from it. These additives and preservatives can be toxic when ingested by dogs, so keep Fido far away from it.

7. Holly

No one likes to clean up vomit, so keep your dog away from the holly. This lovely decorative item will make your pup sick, so make sure you put it in places that they will not be able to get too!

8. Mistletoe

Who doesn’t love a little mistletoe? This kissable plant is known to bring the kiss of death to pups who get a hold of it. explains that mistletoe can cause hallucinations, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, collapse, and death. So make sure you hang your mistletoe high! You don’t want your dog messing around with it this holiday season.

9. Macadamia Nuts

While we encourage you to indulge yourself this season, you’re a PetParent, you deserve it. However, make sure to not let your pup do the same. Macadamia nuts can be toxic, causing dogs to have seizures. So keep the cookies AWAY from your pup. Instead give them some treats of their own, so they too can enjoy some holiday treats!

10. Lost Dogs

The holidays always bring holiday parties. With a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home, it may be easy for your pet to take a joy run around the neighborhood when you’re not looking. Make sure you your dog or cat has their collar and tags on, so if they are lost someone can return them to you pronto. Also consider keeping your pup in your bedroom, where they cannot escape, during your party. So go get Fido a snazzy new holiday collar to rock this holiday season! It will not only look good, but save you both a lot of heartache.

Remember the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, PetParents! Make sure you take the right precautions so you can enjoy them worry free with your pet!

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