Doggie Daycares in San Francisco

Looking for a great place in San Francisco to leave your pup while you are out for the day? Check out our picks for our favorite doggie daycares in San Francisco!

1. SF Puppy Prep

SF Puppy Prep is the number one place in the San Francisco for puppies under five months! Their puppy daycare is among their many other highly rated services. Their puppy daycare is the place for your puppy to learn socialization, obedience, and independence. A normal day at their puppy daycare includes a puppy bus picking your dog up from your home after you’ve left for work. They’ll go to their wonderful facility in SOMA where they’ll have play time with professional trainers who will teach them to properly socialize and instill a foundation for basic obedience. Then at the end of the day, they’ll be dropped off at your home, where they’ll be happily waiting for your arrival from work!

2. Bark Avenue Doggy Day Care

At Bark Avenue in San Francisco’s new Mission Bay neighborhood, your dog will not be stuck in a facility all day. In fact, they’ll be out 4-5 times a day! Bark Avenue take the time to carefully choose small doggie groups that your dog can enjoy walks, play time at dog parks, and even beach adventures with. Since they have a high staff to dog ratio, they have the ability to provide pick-up and drop-off services, should you need!

3. Mr. Muggles’ Dogs

Mr. Muggles’ Dogs of San Francisco’s Mission District is a doggie daycare that has really thought about what dogs need. They took the time to design a perfect facility for dogs under 30 pounds; they’re even working on a rooftop play area, so dogs can get fresh air throughout the day. The facility is top notch and cage free; there are, however, several kennels for pups that need a nap or are over stimulated. The best part about Mr. Muggles’ is that throughout the day, your dog will be able to go on neighborhood walks.

4. Pet Camp

At Pet Camp, they have 20,000 square feet of outdoor play space for doggies, which means your dog will able to be play with other dogs of his or her size and temperament. Your dog will be able to enjoy free time indoor and outdoors while being supervised by their fabulous camp counselors. If you’ve ever worried about what your dog does at doggie daycare, Pet Camp has a wonderful solution. They post photos of your pup and his or her friends on their blog at the end of the day, so you can rest assured that your pup was safe while having fun!

5. Muttley Crew

San Francisco’s Muttley Crew has puppy play care for pups between eight weeks and six months, with at least two rounds of vaccinations, as well as adult doggie daycare for dogs over six months old. They also have additional pick-up and drop-off services, so your dog can get to day care without you having to rush before work and be waiting for you at home by the time you return. Christine, Muttley Crew’s owner, is an avid dog lover and owner herself. She understands the anxiety of leaving your dog at day care and can post videos of your dog during the day!


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