Doggie Daycares in San Antonio

Leaving your dog for the day in someone else’s care can be just as stressful as if you were leaving your own child. For many of us that consider our pups to be an extension of our family, we want to make sure that our dogs have a safe and fun experience at daycare. Check out our list of best doggie day cares in San Antonio, handpicked for you with our own dogs in mind.

1. Barkspace 

Safety is the first priority for the staff at Barkspace. While playtime is always fun for the pups who stay there, safe socialization is the first priority. Barkspace has a dog-behaviorist on site to ensure that any bad behavior is corrected immediately. Your dog will be properly tired out by the time that they sleepily jump back into your car for a long ride for of snores home.

2. Becker Pet Resort and Hospital 

Becker Pet Resort and Hospital is a great place to leave your dog for the day. They will first be under the best supervision and care provided by the Becker staff. They have long runs for your pup to play in and a great pool for pups who love swimming. After a long day of playing, the Becker staff is more than happy to treat your pup with some dog-ice cream!

3. Cowboy Kennels 

Cowboy Kennels is a climate controlled facility with automatic watering systems, air conditioning, and comfortable bedding. If you have a smaller dog or toy breed Cowboy Kennels has a separate serenity room for your little guy. Personal attention is given to each dog along with a supervised playtime outside. Your dog will love their safe  environment they can play in!

4. Green Dog Kennels 

Looking for a huge facility for your pet to run and play in? Check out Green Dog Kennels! They have a large 10,000 square foot indoor and outdoor facility that your pup will love playing in. Green Dog does separate the big dogs and little guys for socialization purposes. This safe facility is a great place to let your pup play for the day!

5. Home Away From Home Pet Kennels 

Home Away From Home Kennels is a very warm and welcoming kennel that your dog will enjoy. The staff at HAFRK encourage your and your pup to take a tour of their facilities, to make sure that your are comfortable leaving your dog with them. This large indoor outdoor facility provides plenty of room for your pup to run and play. The staff also will be keeping a watchful eye on your pup, to make sure that they stay safe during day care!


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