Doggie Daycares in Phoenix

Looking for a good doggie daycare in Phoenix? Check out my top picks!

1. Pet Paradise

Your dog will have a great time at daycare while you are away. Your dog will be able to play with the other pups, swim, or lay out in the lawn inside their climate controlled facility. Your dog will have to be up to date on all their vaccines in order to participate in day care.

2. Puff and Fluff 

Puff and Fluff provides a numerous amount of pet sitting and day care options for you. Besides in home pet sitting they also offer dog walking, pet taxi, cat sitting, dog walking, house sitting, and day care (at their facility).  Each individual sitter will take special care of your pup while you are away, ensuring that all of their needs are taken care of.

3. Second Home Pet Resort 

If your dog plays nice with others and is up to date on their vaccines, then are welcome at Second Home Pet Resort. They will have to undergo a 20 minute behavior test to ensure that they are fit for daycare. Safety is a first concern at Second Home, so know that trained professionals are always monitoring your pup. Second home will also try to cater to your dog’s activity level and needs during day care.

4. Sonoran Desert 

Your pup will love day care at Sonoran Desert. They will split your dogs up into large and small play groups to ensure not only safety but a good time. Your dog will undergo an evaluation, to ensure that they are fit for daycare. Safety comes first at Sonoran Desert, so know that professionals will look after your dog and keep them safe from the Arizona heat. They have a climate controlled facility that will stay cool when the sun is overly hot, which we know is more than important in Phoenix.

5. Tailwinds Pet Resort 

Tail Winds was voted “Best Pet Resort” in 2011 by Phoenix Magazine. All pets must be pre-approved before they can attend day care. They will play under the safe supervision of professionals inside and outside, if the weather permits. Your dogs will play with the other pups, receive treats, play in the pool, and receive their medication as needed.


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