Doggie Daycares In Austin

PetParents in Austin are lucky to have plenty of pet-friendly options to pamper and spoil their pets. If you’re a local Austin PetParent looking for a a great place to leave your pup at while you are out for the day- then check out our picks for our favorite doggie day cares in Austin!

1. Mud Puppies 

Mud Puppies is a great doggie day care in Austin. They have an incredible staff, structured playtime, and safety features to ensure that your pup plays safe! They’re also a grooming salon- so they can handle all your pups grooming and hygiene needs during the day if that’s something you’re interested in too.

2. Austin Dogtown

Austin Dogtown is a great doggie day care in Austin. They allow your pup to play inside or outside as part of the pack and we know our pets like their options! This is a great place for you to leave Fido for the day while you are away- he’ll socialize with other dogs and people and come home tired from playing the day away. Austin Dogtown staff works hard to help your dog learn that if he behaves well, he’ll be rewarded with the things he likes- toys, treats, and lots of love!

3. Barking Hound Village 

Barking Hound is a luxury doggie day care located in Austin. With VIP suites, flat screens  (playing Animal Planet of course), and the best care from certified staff your dog is going to never want to leave! Barking Hound Village offers dog daycare, and boarding options. Your pup can play both indoors and out here, and live it up with a bunch of puppy pals for day full of fun!

4. Happy Mailman 

The Happy Mailman is another great doggie day care in Austin. Specializing in indoor and outdoor group socialization, your dog will not only have fun but learn important social skills as well! Happy Mailman assures constant supervision by canine-savvy staff, tons of positive reinforcement and love during the day, and a regular schedule that your dog will come to love. They offer a mid-day doggie nap time in climate-controlled kennel& they offer year-round indoor and outdoor play areas.

5. Camp Bow Wow 

As its name implies, Camp Bow Wow is a great doggie day camp located in Austin. Camp Bow Wow is where your dog can be a dog. They’re open 365 days a year and offer three indoor play areas, three fenced outdoor play areas for a total of 10,000 of doggie camp goodness. They have high speed live web cams and 24 hour monitoring. Let these amazing behaviorists watch your dog while you take some ‘mommy time’ for the day!


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