Doggie Daycare in New York

Looking for a place in New York City to drop your dog off while you work or run errands? Here are our top picks for best doggie daycares in New York City!

1. Playground Pups

At Playground Pups in New York’s Upper West Side, your dog will get to run and play with other dog friends all under the supervision of dog handlers. If your pooch gets tired from all the play, Playground Pups has a room downstairs dedicated to napping! Your dog can rest and recharge on big fluffy pillows and comfy couches. Their facility is clean with filtered air and purified water. They require proof of vaccinations as well as an initial “meet and greet.”

2. Star Paws

Also located on the Upper West Side, Star Paws is the perfect place to take your dog in for doggie day care if large social groups scare him or her. Star Paws puts it emphasis on making sure your dog is comfortable, so their facility is set up as a home. Your dog will have supervised playing time, napping time, and even training time if required. Tammy and her Star Paw staff are professional and will make sure every dog is comfortable.

3. Wiggly Pups

Located in New York’s Gramercy, Pet Concierge Wiggly Pups is a posh place for your dog to play. Their facility is made to resemble a New York apartment, so your dog will feel right at home. They have services that cater to PetParents working full time, or to those just needing to run errands for several hours. Dogs at Wiggly Pups get plenty of attention and playtime. Their facility is all indoors, but dogs go for potty breaks every two hours.

4. D Pet Hotel Chelsea

D Pet Hotel is the ultimate five star accommodation for your dog. Their doggie daycare has all the amenities that your dog can dream of. With three indoor dog parks, your dog will be playing with dogs of his or her size and demeanor. At D Pet Hotel, they also have a treadmill room for dogs needing extra exercise! Their facility is clean and top of the line with filtered air flowing throughout!

5. Cheeky Dog Doggie Daycare

Just across the river from New York is Cheeky Dog Doggie Daycare in Brooklyn. It’s a fun place for your dog to socialize and play with other city dogs. They have a large play room that can be divided if there is a dog that doesn’t get along with bigger or more playful pups. Cheeky Dog will provide your dog with supervised fun while you’re away for the day!

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