Doggie Day Cares in Seattle

Need to leave your dog for the day? Check out our favorite doggie day cares in Boston!

1. The Barking Lounge 

The Barking Lounge has been rated as one of the best doggie day care in Seattle by multiple publications for consecutive years. They take pride in having the best safety and care for your pup. Your dog will go through a formal behavior evaluation to determine if they are eligible for day care.  There are plenty of webcams (in case you want to keep an eye on your pup) and people to make sure they play safely with the other dogs!

2. Central Bark 

Your dog will be good and worn out after a day of playing at Central Bark. The professionals at Central Bark will make sure that your dog is playing their heart out during day care. Snack time and plenty of water will be allocated to your dog during the day as will nap time after they are tuckered out.

3. Dog Mania Inc. 

Dog Mania is a cage free daycare facility. Your dog will have to undergo a brief behavioral evaluation to ensure that your dog is fit for daycare. Your dog will love running, playing, and going on fun walking trips with a daycare professionals! Also did we mention that daycare is only $30 a day? This isn’t too good to be to true PetParents, so call and make an appointment today!

4. Downtown Dog Daycare 

For only $32 a day your dog will love playing with the professionals at Downtown Dog Daycare. The trained professionals and behaviorist at Downtown Dog will ensure that your dog not only plays their heart out, but that they play safely.



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