Dog Kennels in San Jose

Taking a vacation away from San Jose and looking to board your dog? Here are our top picks for best kennels in San Jose!

1. Paws Crossing Pet Resort & Spa

Paws Crossing in the Campbell neighborhood of San Jose will be your dog’s home away from home! All packages include dog walkings twice a day, and depending on your package you can add daycare or playtime. They’ve got standard kennels, which are already top of the line, as well as a premium Creekside Cottage package, where your dog will be in a suite with a flatscreen TV and music. In the Cottages you’ll be able to check in via a webcam!

2. The K9 Club

When you’re ready to head out of town, the K9 Club will have all your needs covered! They make home visits to care for your dog and your home, so if your dog gets anxiety when boarded at kennels the K9 Club would be perfect! Their visits range from 30 minutes to 2 hours; they will refill water bowls, feed, walk, administer medication, take your mail in, and more!

3. Lil’ Chick Pet Sitters

Lil’ Chick Pet Sitters caters to many San Jose neighborhoods and allows for your dogs and other pets to stay in the comforts of their own home while you’re away. AJ is certified in Pet First Aid through the American Red Cross and believes in quality care for your pets. You can vacation knowing a loving pet sitter will be there to spend nights with them. Overnight petsitting packages start at 7-8PM and last until 7-8AM and best of all, walks are included!

4. Sweet Doggies

Sweet Doggies is the perfect place to board your pup if they don’t like to be left alone! During the day, they’ll be able to play in groups, play one on one with a staff member, or go on a walk. During the night, your pup will sleep in a sleepover setting with other dogs on comfortable bedding of their choice, with an attendant present at all times. You can even request to keep in contact via web cam, email updates, or phone calls!

5. Royal Pup Palace

Royal Pup Palace of San Jose aims to provide the highest quality in boarding for your small dog under 25 pounds. They take the time to get to know about your dog before boarding through your application and meet and greet session because they want to be able to proved the best care. Since Royal Pup Palace is in a home setting, they only take up to three dogs at a time. Your dogs will be able to live as they do when at home, so you’ll be able to vacation without any worries.


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