Dog Kennels in Phoenix

Looking to leave your pup behind for a few days? Choosing a kennel can be a difficult choice, so let us make this easier for you. Check out our favorite kennels in Phoenix, that are sure to take amazing care of your pup.

1. Applewood Pet Resort 

Applewood Pet Resort will take amazing care of your pet while you are away. They will keep your dog’s same feeding time as you keep at home and they will also be able to run in the 20 x 20 fenced in area twice a day for exercise. There are different sized suites and packages you can select from, depending on how comfortable you wish your pet to be.

2. Gilbert Dogs 24/7

Your dog will receive 24/7 supervision at Gilbert Dogs 24/7. Know safety is a first with Gilbert’s, so your dog will always be under the best of care. Their certified and highly trained staff will be attentive to your dog’s needs and behavior while they stay.

3. Wiggles and Wags Pet Resort 

Wiggles and Wags will take your pet’s care seriously during their stay. Safety is a first at Wiggles and Wags, so know that their trained professionals will take the best care of your dog. Their facility is climate controlled, but your pup will also be able to run and play outside. If you forget their kibble, no worries! Wiggles and Wags serves a high quality no grain kibble that will suite any dog’s diet.

4. Paradise Pet Resort 

Paradise Pet Resort is a wonderful home away from home for your pet. Your dog will stay in a spacious suite where they will be cared for by wonderful professionals. They will be let out twice a day to play in 20 minute intervals so they can stretch their legs and let out some of that nervousness. Paradise Pet Resort also has an on-call vet on staff, so if anything comes to harm your pet, a vet will be there to attend to them immediately.

5. Pete and Mac’s 

Your dog will be monitored 24/7 at Pete and Mac’s by a professional, not just a bunch of cameras. Your pup will sleep on a comfy bed, have plenty of toys to keep them busy, and receive a daily treat. They will also enjoy extra long exercise periods to work out some of that separation tension. You can add their other services to your pup’s boarding experience, like grooming, so they are fresh and clean when you pick them up!


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