Dog Kennels in Los Angeles

Traveling out of Los Angeles and need a trustworthy place for your fur baby? Here is our list of top kennels in the Los Angeles area.

1. Go Dog LA

Go Dog LA of Downtown Los Angeles has a cage free environment, which mean bed times are essentially doggie slumber parties. There is an attendant supervising the dogs all through the night, which means they’re never left without supervision. Blankets and bed are brought in and your dog can choose where he wants to sleep! The staff know and love dogs are will make sure you fur baby is happy and healthy while you”re out of Los Angeles!

2. City Paws LA

Sometimes there is just no place like home. If that’s what your dog believes, then City Paws LA is your solution for when you’re traveling out of Los Angeles. Their services include a 12 hour stay overnight in your home with your dog. The team at City Paws are all animal lovers, whom will bond with your dog immediately; they’re all experienced pet sitters, so you can trust them with your pups. Your dog will be able to have all the things that he or she is used to, even when you’re traveling away from Los Angeles!

3. Joyful Paws Pet Hotel & Daycare 

Just outside of Los Angeles, in Long Beach, CA, Joyful Paws Pet Hotel & Daycare is the perfect place for you to take your dogs and cats. For dogs, they have two boarding options–open space or private suite. If your dog is well-socialized, open space boarding will be perfect for them as they get to partake in a dog slumber party. If your dog requires down time from a day of play, a private suite may be better. Regardless, Joyful Paws has an option for whatever works best for your dog.

4. Peewee’s Playdates

Peewee’s Playdate serves Brea and surrounding neighborhoods. They have wonderful dog walking, pet sitting, or overnight services that your dog will love. Specifically with overnight pet sitting visit, your dog will have a minimum of 10 hours with a sitter in the comforts of your home. Two walks or potty breaks are included, and the sitter can to do other tasks like watering plants!

5. South Park Doggie Daycare, Boarding, & Grooming

South Park, located in Downtown Los Angeles is a great option for all your dog’s needs. Your dog will have the option of having a cage free boarding or private suite boarding. South Park rates go down the longer your dog stays, and they have discounts for boarding multiple dogs. When boarding your dog, they’ll get two walks, play time during the day, and night time supervision. You on the other hand will have view of them via a webcam!


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