Dog Kennels in Las Vegas

If you’re heading out of Las Vegas and need a place to board your dog, or if you’re traveling to Las Vegas and need a place to care for your pooch– these are our top picks for best dog kennels in Las Vegas.

1. Camp Bow Wow

When your dog boards with Camp Bow Wow, they get all the amenities of the Camp’s doggie daycare. Your dog will be able to play with all the other dogs in the day camp only returning to a private cabin for meals and bedtime. Camp Bow Wow will even provide an evening snack and soothing bedtime music for your dog to fall asleep to. Your dog will have plenty of human affection as well as play time with other canines!

2. Luxe Pet Hotels

Luxe Pet Hotel of Las Vegas is as luxurious as all the five star hotels on the strip. Your dog will feel like a celebrity pooch after boarding with Luxe. The Standard Suites are all spacious with at least 31+ square feet. They all have 32 inch TVs and sofa beds, so your dog will sleep in absolute comfort. The Celebrity Suites are on average 160 square feet with 42 inch TVs and a luxury memory foam bed. The High Roller Suite has the amenities of the Celebrity Suite with a play area inside the suite. All the dogs will be in climate controlled space, have 24/7 access to vets, as well as access to indoor and outdoor play areas.

3. K-9 Kountry

K-9 Kountry is Las Vegas’ membership country club for dogs. It’s cage and kennel free, so your dog will be able to run free and exercise all day long. The owners are hands on and will treat your dog as their own. They have house made organic dog treats, loads of outdoor space, and climate controlled indoor play areas. They even have private beds and luxury suites for when your dog needs alone time.

4. Just Like Home Doggie Hotel and Grooming

Las Vegas’ Just Like Home Doggie Daycare and Grooming has all of your dog’s favorites home comforts within their spacious facility. They have living rooms fitted with couches, doggie beds, TVs, toys, and other familiar things your dog would have at home. They have plenty of outdoor space for when your pooch needs fresh air. They have 24/7 webcams, which can be streamed to your wireless devices as well as affectionate staff members that are there to cuddle and play with your pooch.

5. LV Dog Resort

LV Dog Resort provide five star accommodations for your pooch. They provide 24 hour supervision and a free bath with every stay, so you know your dog will be safe and clean! All standard rooms come with TVs and dog beds, whereas the Palace Suite is a 20’x20′ room with a daybed, intricate decor, and a 42” TV. All dogs that board with LV Dog Resort also have access to their three different play rooms, where your dog will be able to interact with other friends of his or her size and temperament.


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