Dog Groomers in Tucson

Is your dog in Tucson and in need of a wash or new hair cut? Here are our top picks for Best Dog Groomers in Tucson.

1. Dirty Dawgs

Dirty Dawgs is a wonderful self service dog wash in Tucson. With friendly and  welcoming staff, your dog will feel at ease. They provide all natural shampoos and conditioners, a variety of brushes, towels, a doggie dryer, nail clippers, and even ear wipes. They even have aprons, so you won’t leave looking like you’re the one that got a bath! The shop also sells all natural goodies, shampoos and other spa products, and accessories!

2. Karabu Pet Grooming

Karabu Pet Grooming is a family owned and operated Tucson shop. Your dog will be treated like family–so if your dog has anxiety, you can trust that he or she is in good hands! They have all the traditional grooming services at unbeatable prices and flexible pick up times. Your dog will be returned to you with a perfect new ‘do and little bow!

3. Pet Parlor

Pet Parlor is a wonderful and affordable grooming service where the staff are ready to groom any and all breeds. Even if your dog has skin allergies, Pet Parlor of Tucson is there to help. Their services are reasonably priced, and they work quickly so your pooch doesn’t have to stay at the groomers all day. Not only do they groom dogs, they also groom cats as well!

4. And Toto Too Grooming

And Toto Too Grooming has friendly and professional staff that will treat your dog as their own. Your pooch will get groomed in a swift time and leave with a perfect coat and new bandana. They specialize in grooming dogs that have anxiety as well as older dogs that need a little extra TLC. If you’re in a time crunch, they even offer pick up and delivery services at an additional charge. With over 25 years of experience, And Toto Too Grooming is veterinarian recommended.



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