Dog Groomers in Seattle

Looking for a great dog groomer in Seattle? Check out our top picks!

1. Bark in Style 

Bark in Style is a great groomer at an affordable cost. You can schedule an appointment online for your own convenience. Bark in Style has also been rated the best in Western Washington for years in a row, which means that your dog will be getting the best quality care? Does your dog have some matted hair? Have Bark in Groom de-matt them for only $20!

2. Barking Lounge 

The people at the Barking Lounge understand that sometimes our pups get a little too dirty. They take extra care in making sure your dog doesn’t smell like… well a dog. The professionals there will take extra care in scrubbing the first and grime out of your pup until they are all gussied up!

3. Bonnie’s TLC Pet Grooming and Country Overnights 

Bonnie has been grooming dogs for over 18 years. She loves dog and cats, which is why she is passionate about grooming. Bonnie has converted her own home into a peaceful grooming parlour. She will give your pup the one on one attention they deserve, and she will groom your pet in a timely manner.

4. Cecilia’s Temple of Groom

Cecilia’s Temple of Groom was rated the best groomer in Western Washington in 2011. Cecilia has been running her own grooming boutique since 1996. She takes great pride in making sure that client gets the one-on-one treatment that they deserve.

5. Dog Mania Inc. 

At dog mania, the professional groomers will gussie up your pet (and hopefully get that awful smell out!) Talk to their grooming department for a free consultation, so you can customize your pet’s grooming experience. Each dog is different and has different needs. The professionals at Dog Mania Inc. understand that, and will tailor your pets grooming appointment to fit their needs.


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