Dog Groomers in San Diego

Does you pooch need a tidy up? Check out the best dog groomers in San Diego!

1. Spaw Day

Spaw Day dog groomers is a family owned business with vast experience in all dog breeds and special handling. Their low stress area is modern and clean with heating and air conditioning. All their equipment is high tech and up to date so you can be sure your doggie has the very best care. Full grooming services are available and include a bandana or bow of your choice.

2. Spawlight Dog Salon and Spa

Spawlight dog salon and spa offer full grooming and spa services. Spa includes sea salt scrub, herbal flea treatment, paw soak, nail polish, deep scented facials, and teeth brushing. All grooming includes gland check, ear cleaning, feet trim, sanitary trim and nail clipping and file. It’s worth mentioning they are a cage free facility and all dogs are hand dried straight after bathing.

3. Dunk’n Dog Wash

Dunk’n Dog Wash promotes a knowledgeable, friendly service while pampering your pooch. It’s a place full of energy and a sense of community. The owners have many years experience and specialize in temperament problems and skin issues. Full grooming services are available and on occasions walk ins are acceptable.

4. Mission Bay

At Mission Bay they offer 2 grooming services and self service dog wash. Grooming packages include the ‘Bath and Brush’ (doesn’t include a haircut) and the ‘works’. Both include ear cleaning, blueberry facial, sanitary trim, nail trimming and a cute bandanna or bow.

5. South Bark Dog Wash

South Bark Dog Wash is a vibrant place offering a great service and community atmosphere. Their building has been renovated into a home from home for your pooch. Each grooming station is fully stocked with organic shampoo and conditioner, and the complimentary blueberry facial cleanser.

6. Doggies Divine

Doggies Divine offer dedicated, qualified stylists that have years of experience in the art of grooming and pampering dogs of all breeds. They keep up to date on current techniques and solve doggie issues like allergies, and hair shedding. Unlike most their grooming salon is an open friendly area where you can watch them at work. Full grooming services available and therapeutic spa packages.


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