Dog Groomers in Phoenix

Is your dog looking a little dirty? Try one of these amazing groomers in Phoenix!

1. Wag N’ Wash 

Wash N’ Paws provides a great grooming facility for your dog to clean up in. You can use their self-serve wash, which accommodates any guest. You can also allow a professional groomer to groom your dog.The full service grooming will successfully get all the dirt and grime off your pup and within only three hours. Appointments must be made for full service grooming, and they must be made one week in advance from the desired date.

2. Villa La Paws 

Villa La Paws can handle any breed of any size. Their grooming services include a soothing bath, toe nail trim, ear cleaning, and a skin check for lumps. They also can FURminate your dog, if they are having shedding issues.

3. Tailwinds Pet Resort 

Grooming at Tailwinds is always a luxurious experience for your pet. Grooming fee’s will depend on the size, breed, and state of which your dog comes into the groomer. An extra charge will be added if your dog has heavy matting, hand stripping, special scissoring, medicated shampoo, or a flea bath.

4. Smelly Dog 

Smelly Dog is a great groomer to help get that smell out of your own smelly dog. Smelly Dog offers an easy-to-use self service wash, for the DIY PetParent. If you want a professional to groom your dog, they also offer a regular and blow out groom appointments. Pricing is estimated, but it will vary depending on the size, condition of your dog, and temperament.

5. Second Home Pet Resort 

Second Home truly tries to make your pet feel at home during their grooming appointment. After they are groomed, they are not caged or kenneled, but allowed to play freely in the guest pet suites. Grooming is by appointment only from Monday-Friday and select times on Saturday. They also offer cat grooming for that furry feline in your family!


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