Dog Groomers in DFW

If you’re a PetParent in DFW looking for a place to have your dog groomed then look no further! Check out our list of favorite dog groomers in DFW!

1. Paradise 4 Paws 

Paradise 4 Paws offers a comprehensive grooming menu with everything from a quick back and self wash to a full on grooming experience. They can FURminate your pup, give them a pawdicure, or have them take a vanilla soaking bath. Your dog will look like a million bucks after their trip here! They groom both dogs and cats, and have a whole a la carte menu to ensure your can customize a grooming package to your pets personal needs.

2. Lucca Bella Dog Spa and Boutique 

At Lucca Bella your dog will be pampered like royalty! They offer several different grooming packages so you can choose the best treatments for your pup.  Besides having a spa-like grooming experience, you can also request many extras like: hair coloring services, a pawdicure, a facial, teeth cleansing, and even a massage for your pup!

3. The Pooch Patio 

Rated one of the best in Big D by D Magazine, the pooch patio is the ultimate grooming experience for your pet. Groomed by top professionals your pet will dazzle after their trip here. Want to grab a drink while you wait? Check out their dog friendly patio and wine bar! It’s an amazing thing Pet Parents! The Pooch Patio offers full service grooming, a dog wash station for DIY’ers, full service baths, and even a VIP grooming program- if you get your pets groomed regularly this can be a beautiful thing!

4. Park Cities Pet Salon 

Need to get your dog’s nails clipped, have him/her FURminated, or just pampered for the day? Park Cities Pet Salon can do all of those for your dog and more! Your dog will not only look good after their appointment, but they will feel good as well! Park Cities Pet Salon grooms and bathes both dogs and cats, so even multi-pet households will be satisfied.

5. Dirty Dawgz 

Do you want to have your dog groomed by an award winning groomer? Check out Dirty Dawgz! You may not be taking your dog to show, but they will look show quality after their appointment here, no doubt. Dirty Dawgz can offer you: professional styling and grooming, full-service baths, a free nail clip with every wash, and they have grooming packages to suite any pets needs.

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