Dog Groomers in Boston

Is your dog a little dirty? Or do they smell like death? Take them to a groomer, and let the professionals clean them up! Check out our favorite groomers in Boston!

1. BYOD Dog Wash 

If you want to take your dog for a quick bath, take them to BYOD! They will give you all the tools you need to scrub that dirt off your pup. Don’t want to wash your dog yourself? Book an appointment and the professionals at BYOD will be happy to assist you!

2. Bark Place

Bark place is a great place to have your dog or puppy groomed. Not only do they specialize in grooming, but the specialize in a puppy’s first cut, which can be a tough thing to do. They will take extra special care of your puppy during their first haircut!

3. Kelly’s Underground Grooming 

At Kelly’s your pup will be groomed by a professional.  Kelly herself went to college and studied grooming so she could bring the best service to your dogs. Your dogs will not be cages after their appointment, as kelly doesn’t believe in cages. Your pups will run and play until you come back to get them!

4. Pawsh Dog Boutique 

The Pawsh Dog Boutique is one of the most fabulous places to have your dog groomed. Professional show quality groomers will pamper and primp your pup until they look like a million bucks! You must make sure that your pup is up to date on all their vaccines  before you book a grooming consultation.

5. Red Dog Resort and Spa 

The professionals at Red Dog Spa offer a multitude of services that can clean your dog up! Besides the professional grooming services that they offer, they also offer a flea and skunk bath. This can be very useful after Fido has a run in with PePe Le Pew!


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