Dog Friendly Restaurants In Seattle

Looking for a great place to enjoy a meal with your pup in Seattle? Check out our favorite Seattle dog friendly restaurants!

1. Scratch Deli 

Price: $$

Scratch Deli is a great place to grab lunch with you dog, or just go for a quick snack! This awesome little Seattle deli not only has flavor that you will love, but at an amazing price as well! A locally owned joint, Scratch Deli is known for having tons of character. They’ve also got cold beers on tap. So there’s always that.

2. Le Reve 

Price: $$

Le Reve is a great dog friendly bakery in Seattle. This charming little bakery will not only provide a great atmosphere but delicious food as well. Try there coconut cake, and we promise you will never want to leave! It’s a great place to come on a weekend morning and enjoy a bit of brunch on the outdoor patio, and watch local residents walk their dogs while you enjoy the company of your own.

3. Pinky’s Kitchen

Price: $$

Pinky’s is one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in Seattle, mostly because their BBQ will make any Texan (like ourselves) proud. Try their sliders (pictured above) or their pulled pork. There truly is no bad choice at Pinky’s as their food is pretty pawtastic.

4. Ristorante Picolinos 

Price: $$$

This is some of the best Italian food to be found in Seattle, and for an incredible price too!  You and your pup will love dining out together at Ristorante Picolinos, and so will your wallet! Staff here are known to be incredibly accommodating, and many have commented this is the best Italian they’ve ever had.  They make their own pasta sauce, and their customers can taste the difference.

5. Michou

Price: $$

Michou is not just any other market, but it is an amazing dog friendly market with delicious gourmet food! You can buy fresh fish to take home and prepare, or enjoy many of their other handcrafted items! They offer a huge sandwich bar of prepared sandwiches that are grilled at the time of purchase. Offered in both half and full sizes, they can accommodate vegetarians and vegans too.


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