Dog Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Looking for a good place to eat in San Diego? Check out our top picks!

1. Anthony’s Fish Grotto 

Price: $$$

Head down to the coast and enjoy some nice sea air with your pup. Anthony’s Fish Grotto has a dog friendly patio that looks over the water. We love their crab stuffed mushrooms, fresh steamed clams, and their coconut crusted tilapia. Anthony’s has plenty of gluten free options as well, for those with a sensitive diet.

2. Burger Lounge 

Price: $$

Burger Lounge has some of the best burgers in San Diego. They serve only grass fed beef, and the highest quality vegetables with their burgers. For those of you that are gluten free, Burger Lounge offers gluten free buns! They also have a great outdoor patio that your pup will love sitting one while sneak him little nibbles of bacon from your burger!

3. Cafe Chloe 

Price: $$$$

Treat yourself at Cafe Chloe! They have a great outdoor patio that is dog friendly, which will be nice for you and your pup on a warm day. They also have AMAZING food. They have a great happy hour (from 3:30-5:30 on weekdays) which includes great beers, wine, and appetizers (our favorite is the flatbread!).

4. Carnitas Snack Shack 

Price: $$

Carnitas Snack Shack’s menus changes daily, because they use only local farmers, breweries, ranchers, and bakers to create their food. This amazing outdoor venue is a great place to enjoy a clean meal with your pup. They take great pride and care in ensuring that their food is not only green but that it also tastes amazing.

5. Fig Tree Cafe 

Price: $$$

The Fig Tree Cafe is a delicious place to eat with your pup. They have a lovely outdoor patio that is 100% dog friendly, and food that your taste buds will love. We love their brunch, including their french toast! They also have lots of gluten free options for those of your PetParents with sensitive diets!


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