Dog Friendly Restaurants in Austin

Looking to dine out with your four legged best friend? Check out our favorite delicious spots to eat out with your dog!

1. Banger’s 

Price: $$

Banger’s is a great place to have dinner with your dog. Not only do they have a fantastic menu, but their dog-friendly outdoor patio is a perfect place for your pup. Try their Mac N’ Cheese or any one of their beers on tap and you will be a happy PetParent.

2. Moonshine 

Price: $$$

Moonshine’s dog friendly patio makes this one of our top picks for dining out with your dog. This dog friendly restaurant has some of the best food and service in Austin, which makes this a great place to dine out with your pup.

3. Taverna 

Price: $$$

Taverna is a great dog friendly restaurant in Austin. Dine on their dog friendly patio and enjoy some amazing pasta, pizza, and vino! Gluten free? Taverna has a large gluten free menu that includes pizza and pasta!

4. G’Raj Mahal 

Price: $$

G’Raj Mahal is one of Austin’s many gems. This food truck located in the heart of Rainey Street is completely outdoors, making is a great spot to eat out with your dog.

5. Bouldin Creek Cafe 

Price: $$

Bouldin Creek Cafe has a great dog friendly patio for your and your pup to dine on. Not only do they have some delicious food, but they also have  a vegan and gluten free menu.


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