Dog Friendly Brunch Spots in Boston

Weekends are often our best opportunities to spend time with our pets and loved ones. Brunch was made for the weekends, and we’ve rounded up the best dog friendly brunch spots in Boston- all of them ideal to check out this summer on a morning when you’ve got your pup in tow!

1. Blunch

Price: $$

Located in the South End of Boston is a great little place called Blunch. As you can assume from the name, Blunch only serves breakfast, lunch and brunch- they’re famous for their hybrid breakfast sandwiches. Blunch is a dog-friendly restaurant, with a bowl of biscuits by the door for your canines satisfaction. Be sure to check out their huge variety of bagels and bagel-wiches before you stop in- so many options! Blunch was recently featured on The Food Network’s show “Diners, Drive-in, and Dives” where Guy Fieri sampled two of their most famous bagel-wiches “the Provencal”- goat cheese and nut pesto as well as “the bird”- roast chicken and artichoke aioli.

2. Wired Puppy

Price: $

Here’s a dog-friendly cafe that even allows the pups indoors! A rare treat indeed! Wired Puppy is a European style espresso cafe known for great coffee, nibbles, and of course, their free-wifi. Enjoy the lovely gated outdoor patio and get some work done while you sip an awesome caffeinated beverage with your pup by your side! This is a great stop any morning, weather your seeking brunch or not!

3. South End Buttery

Price: $$

The South End Buttery uses local, organic, and sustainable food choices on their menu whenever possible. Your pup is welcome to join you at the outdoor cafe tables which are comfortably nested under a few shaded treets. Biscuits are provided from a local pet bakery (just down the street!) to ensure your dog has as enjoyable a time as you do. A portion of the profits from cupcake sales are donated to animal shelters and we love a restaurant who’s watching out for the animals like that!  We even make sure your four-legged buddies are taken care of every

4. Chacarero’s 

Price: $

If you & your dog are out for a morning stroll, and suddenly get the desire for a Chilean breakfast sandwich, then the walk-up window at Chacerero’s is the place to be! Chacerero’s is open for breakfast and lunch and offers a wide range of breakfast sandwhiches that range in level of spiciness. Seating here is limited, so this is best used as a quick stop on your walk to the park or other destination.

5. Globe Bar & Cafe

Price: $

With a special brunch menu for weekends only, this place is all about the brunch. The Globe Bar & Cafe has a lovely set up right in the middle of Copely Square with shaded seats under large umbrellas where you can relax the morning away. A large, outdoor patio is often equally full of people as it is of dogs which is a huge draw for the dog-loving crowd. Staff leaves a dish of water out to quench your pups thirst, and they’re noted as a welcomed part of the business.

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