Dog Boutiques in San Francisco

Looking to pamper your pet with a little retail therapy? Check out our favorite dog boutiques in San Francisco!

1. Catnip and Bones 

Catnip and Bones is a great place to spoil your pet. They have a huge selection of toys, treats, and accessories for any San Francisco pet! Their knowledgeable staff can help you find a specific item or create a gift for another PetParent friend!

2. Cal’s Pet Supply 

Cal’s Pet Supply specializes in pet nutrition. The knowledgeable staff can help you determine which high quality foods are best fit for your pup. They carry only the best foods, with REAL ingredients. They also carry tons of high quality treats that your pup will love munching on as a reward!


CITIPETS is a family owned and operated pet supply store in San Francisco. They carry high quality supplies for birds, dogs, cats, and small animals. CITIPETS also hosts yappy hours! So grab a drink with the CITIPET crew while your pup plays with the other dogs on their playground!

4. Moulin Pooch 

Moulin Rouge is a premier dog boutique in San Francisco. They carry lots of local products like beds, treats, and fashionable collars. They also have a great selection of salon quality shampoos and conditioners that will help you create your own spa at home.

5. Noe Valley Pet Company 

Noe Valley has a great and friendly staff that will more than welcome you into their home. They handpick every item that comes into your store, like they were shopping for their own pups. They carry high quality lines of pet food and treats, including a good selection of raw food as well.


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