Dog Boutiques in Los Angeles

Looking to spoil your dog at a fabulous and local Los Angeles Dog Boutique? Here is our list of best dog boutiques in Los Angeles!

1. Woof Dog Boutique

Located in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, Woof Dog Boutique is the perfect shop for all your canine needs. They have top notch quality dog and cat foods, collars and leashes, doggie outfits, and a doggie bakery, of course! They even have wonderful grooming and spa services for your pups as well as low cost veterinary care once a month. Woof Dog Boutique is literally your one stop shop for every one of your doggie needs.

2. The Modern Dog

Located just outside of Los Angeles in Venice, CA, The Modern Dog is a wonderfully modern dog boutique. The staff at The Modern Dog are friendly, knowledgable, and ready to help you find the best products for your dog. The store has gourmet pet food and treats, a plethora of dog beds, and couture collars, harnesses, and clothing! The service at The Modern Dog is unbeatable and their products are of the highest quality, so stop by with you dog for some retail therapy.

3. Charlie & Me

Charlie & Me is a fashion forward boutique for the hip dog. Collars, leashes, toys, & all sorts of other accessories are all available from Charlie & Me. Their products are part of a carefully curated collection of tasteful and unique items that your dog is sure to adore. If you’re wanting to ensure that your pup is looking just as trendy as you for your next outing, be sure to stop by Charlie & Me to handle all your pups fashion needs. If you’re not in the LA area, you can still browse and order from Charlie & Me’s lovely selections online.

4. Bark N’ Bitches 

Bark N’ Bitches is Los Angeles’ very own humane pet shop. They have a vast selection of collars, harnesses, and clothing as well as premier dog foods and treats! However, not only do they have such a great selection of items in their shop, they also are a dog rescue. The owner created Jimi’s Angel Rescue after realizing the vast amount of homeless dogs in the Los Angeles area; they have adoption fairs in shop seven days a week. Most of the adoptable dogs in the rescue were on the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter in the area, and some of the dogs were found abandoned on the streets. So not only is this a boutique with all the fun dog supplies, they are also a shop with a great mission!

5. Village Pet Supply

Village Pet Supply of Los Angeles is the best place to get quality, healthy dog food brands at a competitive price. They also have quality dog treats and goodies. The best part is that staff here are also friendly and helpful, so that you can find the best products for your pup. Once you take your dog here, they’ll be begging to come back for a tasty treat!

6. Hound Dog + Cat 

Hound Dog + Cat is a wonderful family owned and operated shop in Los Angeles. They have all your dog and cat supplies, especially healthy, organic dog foods and treats. Hound Dog + Cat is especially the perfect place to shop if your dog or cat has food allergies because they only carry the healthiest pet food brands. If you don’t have time to pick up your pup’s food, they even have local delivery that’s free for purchases over $40!


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