Dog Boutiques in Indianapolis

Are you visiting Indianapolis? Perhaps you’re looking for a great doggie boutique to pick up a treat for your furry friends upon your return home? Or maybe you’re in Indianapolis resident, looking for a great new hot-spot to try out! Either way, check out our list of the best dog boutiques in Indianapolis! Let us know if you agree!

1. Bella Dog Bakery and Biscuit Company 

Bella Dog Bakery is a great place for you to treat your pup! Bella Dog takes a healthy and natural approach to creating their unique canine treats. So don’t feel bad about treating your pup, as they’ll be getting a nutritious snack. The owners, Tracy & Ron are always in the store, and their love for animals is apparent. Very approachable, they’re ready and willing to give you recommendations, or help you find the perfect pet product. Two friendly shop dogs will greet you upon entry, a little touch that goes so far with PetParents!

2. Dawg and Katz Bakery 

Looking for treats for your pawtastic dog or cute kitty? Check out Dawg and Katz Bakery! They have great treats for both dogs and cats, that are also made with wholesome ingredients that are good for your pet! A terrific little mom and pop shop (love!), they have a great selection of pet gear, accessories, toys, and more!

3. Just Dogs Gourmet 

Just Dogs Gourmet is a great dog bakery in Indianapolis. Treat your pup to a well deserved treat, which are all baked and decorated on-site. This is a kiosk-style pet bakery that cranks out a consistently high quality product. The menu includes specialty items like pet friendly truffles and birthday cakes among many other great options.

4. Puptown 

Looking for the perfect gift for your pet? Check out Puptown! They have an excellent selection of leashes, collars, and toys for your pet! Puptown can be considered ‘full service’ because they also offer high quality pet grooming at a reasonable cost, doggie daycare, and pet boarding as well. Their staff are known for being accommodating, laid back, and pleasant.


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