Dog Boutiques in Houston

Sometimes, we just can’t help spoiling our dogs. So if you are looking to spoil your favorite pup, check out our favorite dog boutiques in Houston!

1. Rocky & Maggie’s Pet Shop

Rocky & Maggie’s Pet Shop is one of our favorite dog stores in Houston. This pet store is owned by none other than TLC’s Beloved Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein from their show The Little Couple. The store was inspired for the couple’s undying love for their dogs, and need to find products that only a sophisticated boutique could offer. Rocky and Maggie, the couple’s two dogs, are the inspiration for the store and can usually be found wandering about its aisles when their owners are in. Rocky & Maggie’s carries a well selected supply of collars, leashes, dog food, treats, grooming products, sports gear, health products, and much more. So check out this celebrity pet store, and spoil your pet!

2. Carter’s Pet Depot 

If you are looking for a store with a huge selection of products, than Carter’s Pet Depot is the store for you. Carter’s is over 6,000 square feet which includes a dog boutique, a gift department, and a dog bakery. Carter’s has a giant supply of high quality all natural pet food, including frozen foods as well. So stop by to check out their dog bakery, or pick up a gift for another PetParent in their gift department! Did we also mention that Carter’s has a full service groomer? So drop your dirty mutt off for a bath while you do a little shopping! They will love a surprise treat after a long spa day!

3. The Pet Stop 

The Pet Stop is a great little pet shop in Houston. Owner Angela Prinz, has spent many years in the pet industry. After purchasing the store in 2005, she used her previous experience to make the Pet Stop the ultimate place for pet owners. With new shipments of great products like high quality dog food, beds, and toys constantly coming in, you are sure to find something great for your pet. Looking for a new dog food? The Pet Shop professionals will do a free consultation with you to help you determine what food is best for your dog.

4. Molly’s Mutt House  

Molly’s Mutt House carries a wide range of high quality products for your pet. If you are looking for all natural, high quality, and yummy dog treats for your dog, then check out Molly’s. Molly’s also carries cute leashes and collars that will look pretty dang cute on your pet. If you also looking for supplements for you dog, this is a great place to get them. Talk to Molly’s well knowledge staff about what supplements are right for your pup!

5. Natural Pawz

Being PetParents, we know that our dogs are prone to get dirty. Yes, our carpets are too victim’s of the muddy paw print syndrome. So check out Natural Pawz! They have a great selection of shampoo and conditioners that will, hopefully, get all that dirt and grime off your dirty dog. They also carry a great selection of natural pet food that can help your pup’s coat look pawtastic!



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