Dog Boutiques in Austin

Weather you live in Austin, or are simply visiting with your pet, some pet friendly shopping is always in order! Without further adieu, check out our favorite dog boutiques in Austin! Here you’ll find some of the best pet-friendly treats, accessories, and items that Austin has to offer.

1. Woof Gang 

Woof Gang is the cutest little dog bakery in Austin. Not only do they have homemade treats for your pet, but they also have a great selection of collars and leashes! Check out their birthday cookies for your pet on their very pawtastic day! Adorably set up inside, you’ll have a great time browsing all their fun and fantastic pet supplies. Woof Gang offers extra services like pet grooming, doggie daycare, and boarding- to ensure they’re a great support system for PetParents who use their services.

2. Lofty Dog 

The Lofty Dog has a great selection of cute clothes, collars, and other items to spoil your dog rotten! This locally owned and operated boutique also has healthy treats and high quality dog food to spoil your pup with (in a healthy way of course). Their staff is dedicated to pleasing PetParents and are ready and able to help you find some great treats or new food that will satisfy your pups every need.  Check out their upcoming events  (they’re all dog friendly!) it’s a great time to mix and mingle with other dog owners and dog lovers in Austin!

3. Groovy Dog Bakery 

Groovy Dog Bakery has an amazing selection of treats for your pup. Need a birthday cake for your pups’ next pawty? Cupcakes or cookies for a celebration? Groovy dog has your back and will create treats that your dog will be sure to love! With home made bagged treats that are ready to go, to something a bit more special like yogurt covered canine candies, their wide array of specialty pet items will dazzle and impress you.

4. Fetch 

Fetch is a great little shop located just right off Bee Caves road. Come check out their great selection of toys, treats, and cute outfits for your dog! A full shopping experience is available on their website, but there’s nothing that beats an in-person look at your dogs next greatest item. Their shop offers a vast array of treats, chic accessories, luxurious dog beds, and more. There is something to satisfy and appeal to even the pickiest of pups here!


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