Dog Boarding in Portland

Going out of town? Treat your dog to the best dog boarding in Portland!

1. The Howliday Inn

The Howliday Inn offers a top class time for your pooch while you are away. They have super modern accommodations and over 7500 sqf of play areas all with rubber flooring. If your dog is small they’ll love Toyland a little area full of delights for the smaller breed. They also have rest areas for those who prefer to chill out.

2. The Bark Zone

This first class dog hotel offers different sleeping arrangements to include 6’ x 5’ doggie suites or a 10’ x 25’ friend suite to share with one of their highly trained night staff. On waking up your pooch will have the chance for a run in the ample yard before breakfast. After breakfast they will then join their friends in daycare for fun and frolics. All their meals and any medication is given in their stress free private area

3. Doggy Business

Doggy Business has comfortable accommodation with private sleep areas for up to 12 dogs. Their building is not particularly big but the outdoor and indoor areas are ideal for 12 dogs to run and play. All dogs are treated to some structured playtime with the staff during each day. You are welcome to bring your dogs favorite food and bedding or you can pay for the in-house food at $1.50 per meal.

4. Sniff Dog Hotel

At Sniff Dog Hotel they offer a state of the art building with all mod cons. Staff are on duty round the clock, and offer individual care and attention to your pooch for part of every day. The building houses a HVAC air purifying system to help boarders and daycares breath easy. The floors have super soft padded covering so your pooch can romp around in pure comfort.

5. Stay Pet Hotel

With 12,000 sqf of space, play time and exercise is a priority here. Part of the outside area is covered with artificial grass for comfort and to eliminate any chance of allergies. A rubber floor of 1500 sqf connects direct from the outside so all doggies have easy access to both. The buildings are bright, fresh and open purposely designed for your dog to have a stress free time. All meals are prepared individually and given in a private area.

6. Club  K-9

At K-9 the staff here ensure your dog has a vacation and not just lodgings. The suites are furnished very comfortable with rugs and beds. They even offer a turndown service every night and give each dog a little treat before lights out. After breakfast the staff take each guest to join the others for a full on day of fun activities. Each dog is treated individually so if yours prefers to be cuddled and carried it’s no problem here.


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