Dog Treats in Boston

Boston PetParents! Throw your dog a bone…literally, and stop by one of these pawtastic places. We promise your dog will be more than satisfied with this trip to dog-treat heaven!

1. Polka Dog Bakery 

Polka Dog Bakery is a tribute to Pearl, a stray dog (with one eye) adopted by the bakery owners who decided that she needed to be spoiled properly with baked treats. Polka Dog Bakery still uses the finest ingredients to concoct the perfect treats that are not only tasty but healthy for your dog.

2. Cause to Paws 

Cause to Paws has the kind of baked goods that makes you want to step back and admire the work. From grain free and preservative treats to pizzas and martinis, this little boutique will not disappoint. Both dogs and cats are welcome to visit the bakery with their PetParents and pick out their favorite treats!

3. D’ Tails Pet Boutique 

D’ Tails is a great little shop with plenty of treats any other items that you can spoil your pup with. Your pup will not be disappointed with a trip to D’ Tails! Besides their tasty treats, D’Tails is a full boutique and grooming shop- a one-stop-shop for all your pets’ needs!

4. Fish and Bone 

Fish and Bone is a great place to find some treats, food, and enrichment for your pet! They are committed to using all natural products in their stores, so your pet will not only find treats tasty but healthy as well. They offer pet bedding, lounge furniture, and even a few adorable accessory pillows and items for the humans. Fish & Bone offers free delivery on Thursdays with orders over $50.

5. The Pet Cabaret

 The Pet Cabaret is a great place to find nutritious treats for your pet. They carefully hand select treats and food options to ensure that what is going into your dogs body is only the best. The Pet Cabaret also has a vast supply of supplements and vitamins to keep your pet in their prime. So don’t feel bad letting your pup indulge at the Pet Cabaret PetParents- it’s the best a pet can get!