Philadelphia’s Top Dog Parks

Are you a Philadelphia resident with a pooch who loves to play?  Check out PetParent’s list of Philadelphia’s Top Dog Parks!

1. Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

The Schuylkill River Park Dog Run is a fully equipped dog recreational area.  Here your dog can run free with all the other dogs that come to visit the park.   Schuylkill is equipped with specialized K9 grass, a specifically formulated soy and nylon based turf designed for dogs.  In the approaching summer months, this K9 grass will give your pups paws a well deserved rest as it does not heat up like other AstroTurfs or asphalt and concrete.  To provide a safe and secure environment for all dogs, Schuylkill has set rules and regulations.  They ask that no children under 11 enter the dog run, only socialized well-behaved and medically up to date dogs enter the dog park, all dogs be cleaned up after, all dogs entering the park be spayed/neutered, and that senior dogs, physically challenged or dogs under 25 pounds use the small run area of the park.

2. Seger Dog Park

At Seger Dog Park, your dog will have access to a legal off leash area with a protected gated perimeter.  They’ve even got a water area inside the park for your furry friend! No need to bring those plastic bags, as Seger Dog Park has got them there for you.  They ask that your furry friend be over four months old, medically up to date, and spayed or neutered before entering the park.  They also request that you do not bring children younger than 11 into the dog park.  There’s a limit of three dogs per visitor to the park as well.  The park is regularly maintained, guaranteeing that your dog will have a safe and healthy experience at Seger Dog Park.

3. Manayunk Dog Park at Pretzel Park

For a smaller park, the Manayunk Dog Park of Pretzel Park is a great place to go!  This gated leash free environment will have your pup playing fetch in no time!  The park provides those plastic bags for when your pet does his business and a functional water fountain for your pet to keep him hydrated.  The park is also equipped with benches so you can watch your furry friend play in comfort.  As always, the park asks that you clean up after your four legged friend and that you obey the age limits and health restrictions in place at the other dog runs in Philadelphia.

4. Pastorius Park

Known as the “unofficial dog park of Chestnut Hill,” Pastorius Park is the perfect place to bring your friend for some well deserved play time.  As it is not an official dog park, you’ll need to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag/Bottle of Water).  If you’re dog loves to swim, Pastorius Park has a great pond your pooch would probably love to take a dip in.  There are no official leash laws in Pastorius, but if your dog is one that’s prone to jumping or aggressive behavior then they ask that you keep your dog leashed.  With over 16 acres of land to explore, your dog will have a romping good time at Pastorius Park!


5. Harford Park

A beautiful dog park is located within the 31 acre Harford Park located just outside Philadelphia in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  This 5 acre off leash area for dogs has lots rugged terrain, which includes a stream, for your playful pooch to run and play.  While the park is free to visit, the dog park asks that you donate a $10 donation to help with the upkeep of the park and dog friendly features, such as a water fountain, plastic bags, and trash collection.  Because it is a highly forested area, the park asks that you check for ticks each visit because while nature is beautiful, it doesn’t come without it’s pests!


6. Roonie’s Canine Corner at Robert Lambert Park

Another park within a park, Roonie’s Canine Corner is situated inside Robert Lambert Park located right outside Philadelphia West Chester, PA.  Within the dog park, there’s a shaded sitting area for your supervising pleasure.  This grassy area is fenced in with a double gate to ensure that no dogs escape the off leash area.  The park is also equipped with basic agility equipment where you can work with your dog on exercises.  This park is not equipped with water or plastic bags so be sure to BYOB!  Roonie’s Canine Corner is sure to get those tails wagging!

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