Pet Events in Tucson

Hello to all the Tucson PetParents out there!  If you’re seeking to find a few great ways of spending the day with your pet out on the town, then perhaps its time to tune into our guide on some pet friendly places that the two of you can hit up together. In a hot desert climate like Tucson, this is certainly a lot more difficult than other parts of the country that don’t suffer from scorching heat for a great portion of the year. Never the less, we’ve scoured around and found some of the best pet events in Tucson for the two of you to check out together!

 1. Yappee Hour

This Tucson pet-friendly happy hour, or Yappee Hour as the case would be, was created to unite local PetParents. Each Yappee Hour includes schmoozing for the humans, sniffing for the canines, and appropriate treats for all! The Yappee Hour location rotates frequently because many Tucson restaurants are changing their policies about dogs and opening their patios to man’s best friend- we don’t think dog friendly menus are far off either! If any or all of this sounds fun to you, be sure to click through and find out when the next Yappee Hour meetup is happening.

2. Tucson Tails and Trails

As you might guess from the name, the Tucson Tails and Trails club was created for dog owning/dog loving hikers in mind. Tucson offers some incredible hiking experiences, and this group intends to enjoy that to the fullest! All hikers are welcome, any dogs must be well socialized with people and other dogs to attend. All of the hikes that this group embarks on are moderate and are well suited for intermediate hikers. The peak hiking seasons are September-April, so check out their list of upcoming events to take advantage while you can! Hikers must bring a pack with their own water (2-3 liters/person + 1-2 liters/dog suggested) and a bowl for dogs. Joining the Tails and Trails group could be the perfect way to ensure you and your pup achieve all your fitness goals this year and make some great friends along the way.

3. Tucson K-9 Explorers

If you’re feeling like this is the year to ‘Unleash the Adventurer in Your Dog!’ then joining the Tucson K9 Explorers group could be the perfect thing to get you excited and prepared for all those adventures! Joining the group does require a pre-screening of your dogs personality, but it’s free which is nice. After you’ve passed the screening process, there are monthly dues required to be a K9 Explorer Member. The group has events and activities regularly that you can participate in. Things like: camping, picnics, day hiking, play groups, potlucks, swimming, agility, dock diving, and more can be expected to pop up on the schedule. What a fun way to discover a new favorite activity for you & your dog to do together!

Are you a Tucson resident? Do you have any weekly or monthly dog-friendly activities to share with us? 

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